| 01 Oct 2023
Radio Mirchi turns into a Home this Diwali

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi in association with Reliance Fresh touched the lives of underprivileged kids from the NGO, Swagat, by inviting them to be a part of the Radio Mirchi family and be a part of Diwali celebrations this year.

As the famous quote goes, ‘Home is where the heart is’, and especially at a festival such as Diwali, everyone craves to come back to their own home and celebrate with family and friends. Unfortunately, 4 lakhs street kids in India don’t have a home to go back to! Radio Mirchi along with Reliance Fresh invited a handful of homeless kids to the studio and celebrated this festival by invoking a sense of belongingness. The kids were given a chance to be an RJ, decorate the Mirchi office, run from one corner to another singing and dancing all the way. The kids left the office taking a joyful experience along with Diwali gifts from the Mirchi family wrapped in a memorable experience.

On this occasion, Radio Mirchi National Head of Creative Services, Shweta Iyer said, “Mirchi endeavours to bring sunshine and happiness in a listener’s life. Initiatives like, Dil Bada to Diwali Badi, allowed us to reach out beyond conventional radio and make a difference to a person’s life. The campaign aims to touch the lives of the kids by giving them a sense of belongingness this festive season.”

This fresh way of Diwali celebration was shared through two films showing Mirchi RJs and the kids announcing the activity, having fun and illuminating the emotions behind it.

Commenting on this initiative, Reliance Retail (Value Format) VP and Head of Marketing, Lalatendu Panda, said, "Reliance Fresh’s Badi Diwali campaign emphasises the fact that you don’t need a big purse to make Diwali big, all you need is a big heart. The word ‘BADI’ has various connotations – big hearts, big shopping, big celebration, big moments - but it’s those moments of empathy, generosity that truly elevates our celebrations to the next level. Reliance Fresh is going beyond the conventional functional route to create a more meaningful experience for Customers. Let us celebrate this festival of lights by remembering that a diya loses nothing by lighting another diya.”