| 18 Apr 2024
MY FM's RJ Viny bags India's first AIB Award in London

MUMBAI: RJ Viny, host of the breakfast show – Salaam Indore, emerged as the Radio Personality of the Year at the Association of International Broadcasters in London. With this award, she became the only Indian RJ and MY FM the first Indian radio station to be recognized at AIB.

AIB with members from Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, Radio New Zealand International, Radio Romania International, Radio Taiwan International, BBC World News, Al Jazeera, Capital FM, Bloomberg, and such reputed media organisations selected RJ Viny, giving the country its first AIB award – Radio Personality of the Year.

A proud MY FM CEO Harrish Bhatia said, “It’s a great achievement and I am very proud of RJ Viny for bagging the first New York Festival award for Indore this year and bagging the first AIB London award for India, she is on a roll. Being a strong customer centric organization our focus is not only to entertain but also to add value to the listeners’ life by taking up issues of their concern. We invest a lot in understanding the taste and needs of our customers, this approach has helped in building a strongly differentiated product and showcase the real power of the medium. We are overwhelmed with the love being extended to us by our listeners not only making us the number one radio station in the cities that we are present in but also help us win the awards both nationally and internationally.”

An ecstatic RJ Viny shared her joy: “I am completely overwhelmed; it is one of the most fulfilling moments of my life. To do what you like doing and be internationally recognized for it, what more can one ask for.”

Speaking on the win Chief Programming Officer Viplove Gupte averred, “We have been working on differentiated and meaningful content for the last couple of years. Our listeners had recognized this sea of change in our content and delivery very early and hence apart from making us the leader radio station in our cities, they have also helped us win this award.

“We have been constantly adding more and more meaning to radio content. We have not resorted to useless prank calls, ridiculous jokes, insults, meaningless conversation about Bollywood gossips but have tried to showcase the real power and meaning of radio by making socio-economic changes. So far, we have taken baby steps but this award is a testimony that the path that we have taken is right.

“Extremely proud of my colleagues RJ Viny and the content team who has worked very hard on this show and got us, the country the laurel of first ever AIB London award.”

MY FM not only tops the list of radio stations in India but in the recent years MY FM and its talent made a prominent mark internationally as well. In 2014, the bubbly RJ Meenakshi was chosen to host and represent India at International Radio Festival (IRF) in Zurich. Earlier this year, the campaign, Ek Baar Phir Maregi Nirbhaya (Nirbhaya will die again), won at the New York Festivals Radio Program Awards under the Best Human Interest Story category.

Established in 1993, The AIBs – International Media Excellence Awards – are run by the Association for International Broadcasting which provides information, networking, and insight for the international broadcasting industry – cross media, cross-border, cross-cultural. It has grown into a unique center of information about international broadcasting, covering television, radio, and emerging media platforms such as online and mobile.