| 23 Sep 2023
Pankaj Udhas to go on-air with Radio Nasha

MUMBAI: For all the Ghazal fans, here is some good news. Mumbai's Retro FM station Radio Nasha will get the legend of Ghazal on-air. Pankaj Udhas who has been ruling the music industry since his first album in 1980's will interact with all his fans through Radio Nasha.

The ‘Chitti Aai Hai’ hitmaker will share his life’s journey and Ghazals on-air. Udhas will also attempt at breaking the standard image of a Ghazal singer. It is believed that a Ghazal singer and the genre is more serious and old fashioned, but the legendary singer will try bringing in some 'swag' to Ghazals.

He will go on-air soon. Stay tuned with for more details on Pankaj Udhas.