| 20 Apr 2024
92.7 Big FM associated campaigns win 9 metals at Abby's with Maxus and Mindshare

MUMBAI: 92.7 Big FM, has achieved yet another breakthrough milestone. The radio channel is delighted to have partnered with agencies like Mindshare and Maxus, who have swept a total of nine metals at the Abby Awards this year. Recognized as one of the most prestigious awards honouring creative excellence in advertising, the Abby Awards conducted recently honoured brands like Kurkure, Sonata and Vodafone for their ground-breaking campaigns. These campaigns saw the successful light of day and received their much deserved recognition due to the conjoint efforts of 92.7 Big FM, the agencies, as well as the brands.

The award show felicitated the respective agencies with three Gold, Silver and Bronze metals each, under Maxus won three Gold and two Bronze for Sonata ACT - Manzil Pe Nazar, 8am to 8pm , Mindshare two Silver for Kurkure – India’s First Family Food Train and Maxus one Silver and one Bronze for Vodafone- One Nation One Song One Network

‘Sonata ACT – When courage prevailed from 8pm to 8am,’ an initiative by Sonata as a part of its new product launch ‘Sonata ACT’ aimed to send out a strong message for women to follow their dreams and not get discouraged by elements that hamper their journey to progress. With the objective to motivate women to chase their dreams, Sonata conducted an exclusive campaign in association with 92.7 Big FM. As a part of the campaign the radio station also did a four night studio shift (8PM to 8AM) with an all women team of RJs promoting women empowerment.

Kurkure Family Food Train was all about bringing families together and rediscovering lost conversations. A train journey of 6000kms spanning 14 states saw 92.7 Big FM play a crucial part as RJs from the network communicated live with 4.3 crore listeners during the activity. 92.7 Big FM unified with Reliance Broadcast Network Limited’s television brands such as BIG Magic and BIG Ganga for the campaign. The integration further highlighted the campaign across platforms and reached out to a wider market. Starting from New Delhi and passing through Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and back to the capital, the train had 40 Indian families on-board interacting with each other, creating a bond. Popular faces in the entertainment industry and an integral part of the RBNL family – Annu Kapoor (Big FM’s Suhana Safar with Annu Kapoor), Kiku Sharda (BIG Magic’s Akbar from Akbar Birbal) and favorite RJs like Prateek, Balaji, Rani, Sumanta, Giri Giri boarded the Kurkure Family Express, to interact with the families.

Vodafone India had conceptualized a unique campaign to celebrate Independence Day under the name of One Nation, One Song, One Network, which was driven by 92.7 Big FM. In line with this initiative, 45 RJ’s from 92.7 BIG FM sang the national song – Vande Mataram by connecting via a conference call powered by Vodafone at the same time across its 45 stations with the aim to reaffirm the faith of unity in our country. The radio station also formed a video capturing the entire experience that was released by Vodafone and 92.7 BIG FM on social media. The buzz that was created through this was massive, and garnered a tremendous response.

Commenting on the much-coveted win, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited, CEO, Tarun Katial said, “It is truly gratifying for us at 92.7 Big FM to have partnered with Mindshare and Maxus who have been credited for these powerful campaigns. 92.7 Big FM worked closely with the agencies to deliver the concepts and then ensured effective dissemination of the campaigns. The efforts that have gone in providing consistent quality-content to our listeners have been immense, and its truly satisfying to see the campaigns being recognized on such a prestigious platform. We thrive on delivering innovative and appealing content for all age groups and we look forward to continue doing the same.”

92.7 BIG FM’s celeb host Annu Kapoor who has been a part of the enthralling Kurkure Family Food Train expresses his happiness saying, “Its a sheer pleasure to be a part of the campaign – Kurkure Family Food Train. It was a very well thought out activity and seeing it winning accolades at the ABBY awards this year makes me feel truly amazing. I look forward to participate in many more such brilliant campaigns.”

92.7 BIG FM’s RJ Rani commented, “We at 92.7 BIG FM have always been upbeat about providing a memorable experience while sending out a strong message through a campaign. It gives us immense pleasure to witness, thoughtfully conceptualized campaigns and our associations being honoured by the most sought after awards of the industry. We are delighted to have collaborated with Vodafone, Kurkure and Sonata to drive forward their message through engaging and creative concepts.”

Siddharth Banerjee, (EVP Marketing and Head of Brand, Vodafone India) and Sanchayeeta Verma (Managing Partner, Maxus South Asia, South India) expressed their gratitude towards 92.7 BIG FM on a social media platform:

Sanchayeeta Verma said,

The win at the prestigious Abby Awards 2017, has further accentuated 92.7 BIG FM’s credibility as a leading brand in the space and its fruitful associations with its advertisers and other key stakeholders.