| 22 Sep 2023
MY FM announces its existence in 30 cities

MUMBAI: Announcements are usually followed by its typical pattern of emails but MY FM tried an interactive and innovative way.

After its last launch in Akola on 23 March, MY FM has conquered the markets of 30 cities in 7 states. And to celebrate this they have announced an exciting contest.

The contest is designed around MY FM stations. Where their names are scrambled and the participants are expected to decode the name to get the right answer. The winner will be announced by mid – June. The prize include Samsung curve TV, IPhone 7, Ipad, Wrist watch or Fit Bit band.

This campaign is spread across corporate markets to build interactivity with the marketers. The main idea is to create awareness amongst the planners, buyers and marketers. When a buyer or marketer plans to invest in a particular city, they should also be aware of MY FM’s existence.

On this MY FM’s CEO Harrish Bhatia said, “This contest is an extension of our campaign in the corporate market, MY FM now 7 States and 30 Cities network. We have completed our new station launches acquired in Batch I of Phase III. The idea is to engage the audience through an interesting contest and in turn cement the fact that MY FM is now present in 30 Cities. The response so far has been phenomenal.”

Check out the link to participate and win exciting prizes