| 30 Sep 2023
Red FM's RJ Karam replaces RJ Abhilash on the 'Kaanphaad' show

MUMBAI: After RJ Abhilash moved out of Red FM, it was difficult to find another talent filled with the same level of energy and craziness. But, after a long wait, the team has finally found its gem. He is not an RJ, but he is quite familiar with RJing. Red FM’s show ‘Kaanphaad’ which was dominated by RJ Abhilash has now been taken over by RJ Karam.

RJ Karam started his journey as a producer of Red FM’s prime time show 'Rishi Kapoor's Mumbai Local'. He was elevated as an RJ for his sheer talent and oratory skills. RJ Karam has been on-air for a week now and the response has been amazing.

A Science graduate, writer, magician, mimicry artist, mentalist, now an RJ, Karam has done it all. The quirky guy, fresh in the world of RJs is not alien to his job. He is already aware of the tricks and magic for wooing his audiences; whether on-air, on-ground or online. The one representing Mumbai’s young and trendsetter population believes to not cease to amaze folks from any age group and background and carries it as his USP.

So want to know the kind of RJing one will here on the show? He will share all the happenings on Indian Television because he knows all and his actions will be youth engaging based on internet trends. Sardarji will have a balance of PJs and jokes that can make you laugh until your stomach hurts. In ‘Kaanphaad’ his talks will give you an earful of word-gasm which you would want to hear repetitively.

Kaanphaad is a show which is quite different from others and is away from normalcy. It is clutter breaking and does full justice to its name. The show caters to everyone who seeks raw and unexplored fun in life and is a mixed bag of elements that includes prank calls, produced sparklers and other shock elements, making it a one of a kind show. Keeping in mind the TV watching audience that generates maximum listenership during this time band, Kaanphaad explores the quirky side of women by generating interesting content around their likes and dislikes with properties like ‘Shendi’, ‘Fake Interviews’, etc.