| 20 Jul 2024
Red FM launches 'Ilaka Rap', redefining the musical culture like never before

MUMBAI: Red FM has launched a new music campaign that has altered the face of music in the cultural capital of the country, Kolkata. ‘Ilaka Rap,’ a one of a kind initiative by Red FM is a major step to break the stereotypes, introduce an offbeat genre of music which goes way beyond convention.

A group of young talented RAP artists from five varied ‘Ilakas’ across city like Salt Lake sector 5, Shyambazar, Barabazar, Picnic garden, Park Street, Behala would be unveiled. This will be a different yet innovative audio-visual treat for the listeners, experiencing the pulse of those geographies through rap songs.

The primary objective behind this novel attempt has been the idea to unearth the latent rap talent in the city. This initiative has led to the astounding discovery of rappers who were very popular in the hip hop circuit and have won several championships nationally, albeit unrecognized by the mass audience. Kolkata, with promotion of this young bunch of talent, once again stands tall in its versatile cultural majesty. A three weeks activity with these rappers has been planned where two rappers will work on one ‘Ilaka’ and will create a rap keeping the nuances, sound and the twang of that area intact. The popular RJ Praveen would uncover and feature the rap artists and assign them with an ‘Ilaka’ on which these young talents would create rap songs.

The initiative on the dint of its creative bend has been showered by immense support from eminent Tollywood celebrities like Dev and Rukmini sharing their thoughts about ‘Ilaka’ rap. Further, Subhosree for her connect with Barabazar would be endorsing that locality. Raftaar, the rap Guru would mentor the artists and share his valuable feedback on the raps created.