| 24 Feb 2024
Radio stations' special plans for Friendship Day

MUMBAI: It’s Friendship Day, a day to express your love to your friend. To make this day special for all its listeners the private FM stations have done some friendly programming.

Ishq FM, one of the most romantic radio stations is celebrating Friendship Week. In the morning show, Ishq Hangout RJ Sangy will bring ‘Friendprenuers’ together on her show. Friends who got together to become successful entrepreneurs. The studio will have young and interesting duo’s like Sameer and Venkat of Culture Machine, Blisscent BFF’s - friends who came together to create a luxury homemade cosmetic brand, the unplanned duo and more.The show will celebrate their entrepreneurial journey.

Ishq Quickies is a unique concept which brings one minute waali love story. It will have a spin of ‘pyaar me dosti and dosti mien pyaar', 'Har dosti me ek love story hai yaar’. This is a refreshing nugget of love and friendship.

Just Kidding with Kunal Kamra gets his bit of sarcasm and humor which is edgy and sharp. Kunal will throw his bouncer comments on various kinds of friends and friendship. This will be a toast and roast to friendship.

MY FM celebrates Friendship Day with Bahut Yarana Lagta Hai. Honoring the spirit of true friendship in an absolute fun style, MY FM is all set to observe Friendship Day with the campaign Bahut Yarana Lagta Hai.

For its listeners, MY FM will play top ‘Bollywood friendship’ songs throughout the day. The station will also take dedications from its listeners, wherein they can call and request for a song of their choice and dedicate it to their best friend with a heartfelt message. In the Top 30 countdown, the show will take its listeners closer to the life of stars they dream of with Bollywood stars friendship stories.

Extending the friendship wave across platforms, MY FM ran a contest requesting listeners to upload pictures with their best friends. The RJs also came forward and shared videos narrating stories of friendship on Facebook and Twitter.

Last but not the least, Friends FM has one of the best concepts for friendship day. It gives the listeners the opportunity to connect with your old friends around the globe live throughout the day with whom one could not keep in touch with for years.

Friends FM will not only help the listeners get in touch with their old friends and meet them but will also arrange a lovely lunch for them to relive the days and memories spent together and create new memories. The unique twist is that you can take not one or two but three friends of yours to a premium hotel of the city for lunch. 

The on-air contest would choose eight winners entitling 32 people with unique stories to stand a chance to have lunch with their friends on the Friendship Day. There will be a live ‘adda’ on air and on ground done by the RJ’s, taking bytes from this group of friends meeting over a lunch at the hotel.

Apart from these winners, there would be other lucky winners from a contest run on air and on the digital page who would be gratified with the couple passes for a lovely lunch or delightful dinner at various hotels in the city.

The station will go live on air and digitally, from various locations, to mark the celebrations of the bond of friendship and togetherness. The music of the station will be a mix of Hindi and English chart busters in a global desi way. The RJs of the station will be live across the day.