| 25 May 2024
Radio Mirchi's new social mantra to celebrate Rakshabandhan

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi always stands out, through its ways of celebrating various festivals, may it be Friendship’s day or Environment day or Rakshabandhan. This year on the occasion of Rakshabandhan Radio Mirchi took up a great initiative to protect the brothers of the city. The initiative was called Rakhi on hand and helmet on heads, Mirchi Cares.

Every year so many youngsters lose their life due to road accidents, which can be prevented by wearing a simple helmet. Even though the law of wearing a helmet is prevalent, it is not quite followed, hence this Rakshabandhan Mirchi took up an initiative that it’s not just brothers who are taking care of their sisters, but also the sisters are coming a step ahead for their raksha.

Radio Mirchi’s Rakshabandhan celebration started on the traffic signals of Mumbai by the lady traffic police. The lady traffic constable fined the men who were not wearing helmets and gifted them a special helmet by Radio Mirchi for their awareness and protection.

This initiative was not just about the happiness of the festival but also about the safety of the youth. Rakshabandhan 2017 ensured that not just Rakhi was there on their hand, but helmets on head.

Please find below the video of the campaign initiated by Radio Mirchi and traffic police celebrating Rakshabandhan on the street by spreading social message.