| 23 Feb 2024
Know how Friends FM and Radio Indigo celebrated I-Day

MUMBAI: Independence Day was celebrated in various by radio stations across India to show patriotism in their own way. Two radio stations Friends FM and Radio Indigo celebrated 70th Independence Day in a very special way.

Friends FM in Kolkatta came up with an ‘Extra Meal’ concept. Each family was requested to cook an extra meal either lunch or dinner for an underprivileged child in their area. This was initiated with an idea if one lakh family cooks an extra meal for the day, one lakh children would get the privilege to eat a proper meal. Also, Friends FM team took some underprivileged children to restaurants for lunch.

As the campaigned gained a lovely response, the Friends FM team decided to continue it till 30 September. “We do not want people to do this only for a day and then forget it. We are continuing it so that in the mean while we can talk to apartments and societies, to spread awareness about the campaign,” said Friends FM head Jimmy Tangree.

Radio Indigo, a radio station in Banglore and Goa for the first time on radio played an A Capella rendition of our National Anthem. Curated by some of the finest musicians in the city, the A Capella version of the National Anthem evoked great pride and patriotism as it played out on-air on 15 August.

Radio Indigo also thanked and paid rich tributes to the brave men and women in our armed forces - Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force who protect Hindustan Humara. Remembering all those challenging times which shook the nation, the narrative followed a message to the Armed Forces, thanking them for the service to protect the nation.