| 30 May 2024
FM Tadka to launch four new stations

MUMBAI: Rajasthan Patrika Group’s FM Tadka that recently launched two new stations in Ajmer and Bikaner, will soon be launching four new stations in Jammu, Srinagar, Aligarh, and Muzaffarpur. Amongst the four, Aligarh and Muzaffarpur will be launched within a month.

Jammu being a sensitive area, out of curiosity happened to ask the Programming Head of FM Tadka Jaipur AJ (Adbreak Jockey) Sufi, if they are ready for challenges. To this, he said, “If you are running a radio station, it does not matter if you are operating in Jaipur, Jammu or Srinagar. When you sit on the RJs chair, you have a lot of responsibilities. According to the Radio bible, no sex, no religion, no politics on the radio is to be aired and an RJ has to keep these things under consideration. So when jocking in Jammu we won’t talk about communal things, we also won't jock such things in Jaipur.”

The team is much more excited to be a part of Jammu and Srinagar as they will get to know about their lifestyle and also get a chance to design radio programmes according to them. “Jammu and Srinagar are a great challenge and a wonderful playground to work on. Jammu is a khichdi of Punjabis, Muslims, Pandits, more so music will be contemporary, Sufi and Punjabi,” stated Sufi.

Elaborating on the audiences’ expectations and reactions towards the station, Sufi explains, “I don’t think there will be any difficulty in terms of how the audience will react because RJing is about infotainment, it’s not about news. According to law, private FM channels are not allowed to broadcast news only allowed to broadcast entertainment content.”

With a motto to bring Jammu and Kashmir closer to the rest of the country, FM Tadka is all ready to offer positive sound to the residents of these states.

“People say that you have to be careful in Kashmir and Jammu, I don’t think so. It is our country and they are our people. The perception of calling Jammu and Kashmir people as ‘Woh Log’ needs to be removed and radio will play a major role in doing this,” ends Sufi.