| 26 May 2024
Big FM to host the biggest festival bonanza this diwali with 'Khushiyon Ki Marathon'

MUMBAI: BIG FM is all set to host the biggest Diwali Bonanza, Khushiyon Ki Marathon. The radio network while fortifying its new music promise, will share the emotion of happiness, synonymous with the festival, through an intricate mix of music and story-telling. Starting from 6 October 2017, leading up to Diwali, the six-day on-air marathon will weave the idea of ‘Khushiyan Hongi Zyada Yeh Hai BIG FM Ka Vaada’ through a medley of six specially curated happy folk songs, one for each day of the marathon.

BIG FM has created six unique videos based on six happy folk songs, recreated from popular tracks. One song each will be released in Hindi and regional languages across 61 stations of the network on the six days of Khushiyon Ki Marathon. The videos of the songs based on the medley of happiness stories narrated by listeners, celebrities and MJs will continue to appeal to the emotional sensibilities of the audiences throughout the activity. Ensuring that BIG FM is all about music and happiness, Khushiyon Ki Marathon, will have a new programming schedule altogether. On 7, 8, 14, 15, 16, and 17 October, the morning show will air from 7 am to 12 noon, 12 pm to 5 pm will be the afternoon show followed by an evening show from 5 pm to 10 pm. Each hour will be assigned a theme such as generosity, family, food, job, love, nostalgia among others, based on which the happy stories will be presented on-air.

Speaking about the activity a spokesperson from BIG FM said, “BIG FM has always been distinctive in its approach towards programming formats and has consistently kept pace with what's trending. With every activity, we are scaling our digital presence, by including innovative and engaging video-based content. Khushiyon Ki Marathon as the name suggests, is aimed at spreading and sharing happiness associated with Diwali. Through videos, songs, contests and other engaging content, we are making our listeners a part of our happiness stories, which will be shared across social media platforms, on-air and television. This multi-platform approach ensures that the message reaches out to millions of consumers, also inadvertently benefiting the advertisers on-board.”

BIG FM will brand all the songs played during the weekend marathon as ‘Hamari Khushiyon Ki BIG Playlist’. On weekdays, the radio station will continue to build on the happiness quotient by sharing best of marathon stories and Diwali wishes. The activity encompassing a 360-degree promotion plan will reach out to massive 66 million consumers through the network’s strong on-air, digital and television platforms enabling partners to gain effective visibility.