| 24 Apr 2024
Radio stations go beyond ordinary this V-Day

MUMBAI: The year’s most awaited day for people truly madly in love is here, the V-Day. Partners celebrate the day filled with surprises, love and happiness. Adding on to this, radio stations have special plans for their listeners. Radio stations go beyond love stories and a playlist of romantic songs this V-Day.

Radio City

The man behind the show – RJ Love Guru complete 17 years on radio this Valentine’s Day. He who has influenced generations, has been a companion and has been a cupid to 5.5 crore listeners, runs this show across 39 markets and 13 states. To make this Valentine’s Day all the more special and memorable, Love guru comes forward and invites you all to celebrate this special moment. Below mentioned are few of the activities undertaken by him -

Wish of Love - This year, Love Guru will make Valentine’s Day Special for a selected few listeners by fulfilling their ultimate Valentine’s Day dreams/ Wishes/Plans.

Love Guru Ka Return Gift – Since it is Love Guru’s birthday who has been people’s constant companion for last so many years, listeners need to call Radio City on the hotline number and record their Birthday Wishes, favourite Love Guru Memories. In return, the will be Love Guru will gratify the best callers by sending them on a romantic date, a movie outing, Exotic Holiday etc.

Love Stories : Through the journey there have been a lot of beautiful stories that people have shared and sought RJ Love Guru’s advice. This Valentines, Radio City recreates these Stories, and RJ narrates his favourite stories from all time where he could influence or touch some listeners life.

Love Letters: Over the last 17 years Love Guru has received millions of calls. Celebrating his birthday this Valentine’s Day Love Guru to send them back some love (special Messages) in the form of letters.


A movie Kuch Bheege Alfaaz is set to release on 16 February. The lead actor from the film who plays a role of an RJ is currently on a one-week promotional show with BIG FM which is on-air across stations. This Valentine’s week, he is hosting the night show ‘Kuch Bheege Alfaaz’ with the name RJ Alfaaz.

The brand will be releasing a music video called ‘Love Isn’t Blind’ based on the story of a real-life couple who is blind. Television’s renowned couple actor Raj Singh Arora and Pooja Gor will be enacting the couple's story and Zain Khan will lend his voice to narrate their story.

Ishq FM

Last but not the least, we are talking about India’s first romantic radio station, Ishq FM. Themed on romance, of course the station has some special plans for V-Day. The Ishq FM team believes that music is an important part while celebrating the day. Getting love and music together on the show, the team has invited eight singers of Bollywood to sing live songs which are requested by their listeners to dedicate their partners on social media.

The segment called ‘Love Out Loud’, was spread across three shows, morning, afternoon and evening. Organized for three days i.e 12-13-14 February, the celebrity singers visited the station are Samira Kopikar, Darshan Raval, Mohammed Irfan, Tochi Raina, Shahid Mallya, Ash King, Palak Muchhal and Nikitha Gandhi.