| 02 Dec 2023
Fever FM is the only radio station to play a lot of independent music: Gaurav Sharma

MUMBAI: Whether radio takes independent music seriously, is still a debatable topic, but at a recent gathering for independent musicians, Gaurav Sharma made some bold statements. Fever Group programming head Sharma was one of the jury members at the Artist Aloud Music Awards where he praised Hungama and Artist Alouds initiative of bringing independent artists in limelight and also threw some light on Fever FMs attempts.  

“There is a symbiotic relationship between Fever and Artist Aloud. Where we could play out their music, if there’s something that fits Fever as a brand," shared Gaurav Sharma.

He further added, “Independent music took off in the 90’s and it flourished for a period of around seven to eight years and it did end. But when it did flourish it showed India what Independent music could all be about.”

Sharma further stated that we are seeing a resurgence of independent music right now. “There is a blur line between film and non-film music.”

He also mentioned, “On the radio, I think Fever FM is the only radio station to play a lot of independent music. Almost 25-30 per cent of our new music library is non-film and we go purely on the merit of the song.”

We hope this gives the independent artists a push to explore more in the music space.