| 23 May 2022
Time is balancing the content: Raman Raheja founder Sports Flashes

MUMBAI: Sports and especially cricket plays an important role amongst the Indian audience. Sports Flashes, India’s first online sports radio station is having some great time with Common Wealth Games (CWG) and Indian Premier League (IPL) happening. Keeping the excitement of IPL under consideration, the radio station has some amazing content for the audience.

“IPL obviously being the largest sports festival of our country, we have a lot of content around it. We have something called as fan-based discussions. We do this pre-match and during the match. This is a unique concept picked up globally, so we are trying it in India.  The fan-based content is almost live. There is also some contest running around IPL. In Delhi we are planning some fan engagement activity from the stadium,” said Sports Flashes founder Raman Raheja.

As CWG is also creating some buzz with winning medals, the radio station is balancing content between the two sports. “CWG is happening and side by side its updates are going on. Interestingly, we have somebody in Australia who is giving us fillers and player bites from there. We are not doing anything to balance, time is balancing the content. The mornings are for CWG and evenings for IPL. Obviously, IPL has more volume for obvious reasons,” added Raheja.

It’s been four months since the radio station has been live and gradually it is creating awareness. Also, this being the sports season, Sports Flashes has more focus on the content for the listeners than advertisers – currently the station is ad-free.

What interestingly has come up in these months is that people are also looking up for other sports as well. “We are trying to fill in what was missing in the ecosystem. We are hoping to bring invoice to the smaller sports also. Also a big announcement is to be made soon. Something the country has never witnessed in terms of sports of radio,” said Raheja.

Apart from this, they also have content like health fitness, updates on sport events, discussion with experts from different fields, a show called Legends which features stories of legendary players and more.

“We are also featuring weight lifting, archery, shooting, hockey and more. As we are still new, we will need some time to create lots of buzz,” stated Raheja.

Sports Flashes have launched the first sports film festival of India. Here they reach out to youth film makers in colleges across the country. Short films will be themed on IPL or cricket theme. The registration has begun and the final event will be held in May in Delhi.