| 01 Oct 2023
Radio Mirchi enters Siliguri; to air æMirchi Insta PyaarÆ

MUMBAI: After a successful launch in Srinagar, Radio Mirchi launched its new station in Siliguri on 7 July. The radio station will air popular shows of Kolkatta, includingMirchi Insta Pyaar.

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While the day in Siliguri, on the radio, begins from 5 am with a devotional show, it ends with Mirchi Insta Pyaar by 12 am. The known morning jock of Kolkata, RJ Mir will also be heard in Siliguri. The music is the same as that of Kolkata, Bollywood, sprinkled with Bengali music.

One of the officials from Radio Mirchi spoke about the same, “We have declared on our social media platforms about the launch and it’s just been two days but the response is great. The listeners are very excited about the launch. We are happy to know that the listeners are expecting some of the main shows like Club Mirchi and Sunday Suspense to be launched as well. Siliguri will definitely get the best of Kolkata.”  

Besides, the station will soon come up with fresh content for the city listeners that will have local news and content as well. Also, after understanding technical or transmission issues if any, the station will then have a strong launch with an announcement to the media.

Further, talking about the upcoming launches, Radio Mirchi yet has to launch around 14 stations. The next station to be launched would be Asansol, West Bengal within three months. As of now Radio Mirchi has 39 stations. In Phase 3, Radio Mirchi acquired 14 stations and as per a known news portal, it has planned to roll-out its stations by the end of this year.