| 13 Jul 2024
'Calling Karan' returns with Season 2 on Ishq FM

MUMBAI: Bollywood’s star director, producer and filmmaker, Karan Johar had made his debut, last year, on radio, with the remarkable show, Calling Karan on Ishq FM 104.8. Well, the good news is that the second season of the show, is coming back on-air, but this time has an addition.

While, the first season had topics of discussion like open marriages, LGBT, love issues and more, the Season 2 will cover these topics in a bolder way.

This time, all kinds of love relationship issues with broader topics will be heard on-air. Karan Johar will, surely, be that one friend; you would like to share your problems with because he would have answers to all.  

It is learnt that the Ishq FM team did have plans of coming up with the next season, but not so soon. But, it was Karan, who insisted to prepone the launch! The director is surely in love, with the space, he is cherishing, on-air.

On being asked about, what made the team come up with the second season, Ishq FM spokesperson said, “The response of the first season was unexpected. It was picked so well and became one of the most talked about shows of the town. Karan, himself, gives so much content that nothing is scripted, but comes out naturally.”

In addition to the launch, the team has arranged a conference, which will be India’s first every love conference. It will be held on 6 August 2018 at Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir, Bandra.

There will be a panel discussion, comprising of Karan Johar, Neha Duphia, Malini Agarwal, Imtiaz Ali, who will talk on modern day love issues. Post this; there will be a stand-up act by Anirban Dasgupta and a musical performance by Jonita Gandhi.

We all know that having Karan Johar, on a show, with this format is, indeed, a task. And, everyone might be curious about the making of this show that talks about love life issues. Hence when we asked the makers about the same, the spokesperson revealed, “Calling Karan is a pre-recorded show because getting Karan’s dates is difficult. So the team has callers who WhatsApp their number and then the backend team go through a precise profile check and then the callers are lined up. The show is shot for five days and each day around five to six episodes are recorded.”

The season is set to begin from 13 August and will be aired from Monday to Friday at 8 – 10 pm and repeat at 10 – 12 pm.