| 22 Feb 2024
We have content driven plans for radio and beyond: Ranjit Pathak

MUMBAI: RED FM is known for its vast reach to listeners, via, innovative on-air as well as on-ground campaigns. Keeping the unique dignity intact, this Independence Day, RED FM came up with the campaign #CrosstheBorder.

The campaign is executed with an agenda, “To erase borders that we have created amongst ourselves and to live in India as a whole,” says National Programming Head, Ranjit Pathak.

The concept is that a popular RJ will move to another city for three days (13 – 15 August) and jock a prime time. Just as easy as it sounds, the hard work put in for executing the plan well, was not that easy.

To know the content in detail and the 14 Prime Time RJs that participated in the campaign, read the article by clicking on the link below:

RED FM's RJs urge to blur the line and cross the border with #Crosstheborder

To begin with, Ranjit shares how the idea came into the picture and then the execution. “We live in a country, which is the most diversified nation in the world. We sometimes come across certain people, who are proud of their state and culture. Somehow this feeling crept into us and we have created borders with unwanted differences. RED FM, being one of the largest radio networks, wants to demolish the rhetoric of a culture being better than the other. We want to spread a message that no matter in which part of the country we are in, we are all Indians,” he says.

The idea to eliminate such a thought amongst the citizens was always there with RED FM. Finally last month, there came a time when the team thought, now is the right time for execution.

Want to know how this happened? Well, on this, Ranjit answers, “We had a National Programming meet, lately, a month ago and there we saw RJs of one state, interacting with other state RJs. It looked like one whole India is under the roof, together. This is how we understood, the right time to execute the plan has always been there.”

Moving on to how the execution took place, he reveals, “We cracked the plan in 15 days, understood how people are type-casted, and decided to do campaigns, anthems. Deep planning was done in exchanging the jocks to a particular region. We have content driven plans for radio and beyond.”

A campaign when created does not come only with one strategy. Along with the main plan, there are small other strategies, too, that are involved.

“We have some superstar RJs, who are in a way, the voice of the particular city representing the culture and their region. Another idea, with this campaign, is to exchange jocks and the affability and popularity of a jock to increase and share with another region. Also, giving a new flavour to the experience of listeners in each city,” he concluded.