| 13 Apr 2024
Big FM North-East' 'College Ke Cool Kalakar' promotes radio drama

MUMBAI: Amid the hustle bustle of the mainstream radio stations, present in India, BIG FM North-East has come up with a unique show, which is making noise for the right reasons.

Speaking about the same, Big FM North-East Cluster Programming Head Ruma Chakraborty said, “We have currently launched a show, College Ke Cool Kalakar, an activity that is hunting for people, who are passionate for drama or comedy. Our three-star MJs, MJ Shubhankar, MJ Sujita and MJ Aaliya.”

“The selected contestants will have a workshop on a radio drama. The show is in the initial (audition) stage for which about 10-15 colleges across Guwahati are on our list for the same. The final stage will be inter-college competition, whose winner will be getting to feature in a local serial and a film, via, our official partner for the show, Cine Art Motion Pictures. Besides, Eastern Green Pictures is also associated with us,” she added.

BIG FM North-East’ this initiative will be covered across Guwahati.

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