| 21 Sep 2023
94.3 MY FM Jaipur's RJ Kartik crosses one million followers on Facebook

MUMBAI: 94.3 MY FM Jaipur’s star RJ Kartik has achieved another milestone by crossing one million followers on Facebook.  With this feat, he has become the second most followed RJ, on social media, in India.

Speaking about the same, happy Kartik exclaimed, “Every Monday, I do motivational stories, which played a key role in gaining one million followers on my Facebook page. I really want to thank everyone, who not only shared my videos, but also the ones, further circulated them.”

“There are many people, who have sent me a screenshot of their laptop library, having a folder in my name, where they have kept all of my Monday Motivation videos,” he added.

When asked about his feeling of being among the top three most followed RJs in India, RJ Kartik expressed, “I was born and brought up in a middle-class family. It was my dream to become an RJ one day, and wanted that someday, people will know me and the definition of an RJ would indeed be ‘Kartik’. It’s a good people recognise you because radio is a medium, where your voice is only heard. But, owing to the digital medium, we are getting recognition, today.”

The star of 94.3 MY FM Jaipur, who returned from Sikkim, today, also revealed an incident that revealed about his popularity, there. “There is a monastery called Rumtek in Sikkim, which is Asia’s second-biggest monastery. It has a monk named Meenaji, who, upon seeing me, called me out and asked, what brought me here. Meenaji also knew my tagline is ‘Kar Dikhao Kuch Aisa Ki Duniya Karna Chahe Aapke Jaisa’, by heart. So, it’s great that people, from that corner of India, also know me, where radio is not available on a massive scale."

“Another incident, I want to share, A man was seeing my video on a station, when my father, who was around, told him that, ‘he is my son’. On this, the man joked, telling my dad about not joking. But, when my dad showed him, my picture along with him, the man believed my dad. It’s, therefore, a proud moment for my mom dad,” Kartik further told.

On being asked about his upcoming projects, RJ Kartik signed off, saying, “I will continue doing the Monday Motivation stories and try to do something new, which has not happen earlier in the world of radio as well as increases the value of radio, thus bringing change in one’s life.

Meanwhile, RJ Kartik was awarded the best morning show in April 2018.