| 22 Feb 2024
The upcoming Ganpati festival is what we are looking forward to bringing more Nanded advertisers on board: Ranjit Pathak

MUMBAI: Popular RED FM that recently extended its branch to Nanded, Maharashtra with the launch of their new radio station there, has a win-win strategy to not only promote this new venture in the market, but also to enthral the audience with their exceptional content.

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Spilling beans on the marketing strategy, implemented to promote the newly launched station, 93.5 RED FM National Programming Head Ranjit Pathak said, “The strategy was to create awareness about the new launch in a market, where radio penetration is not as high as other big markets in Maharashtra. With two radio channels already present there, it was important to reach out to core audiences in a way of creating an intrigue amongst them, hence we decided to highlight the local social issues in the launch campaign like eve teasing, traffic conditions etc. Along with the traditional marketing touch points like OOH, print, we decided to go out-n-out with large scale ground activations in the city giving the audiences a touch and feel of RED FM.

“On ground buzz was created by painting the city RED with garden umbrellas, posters, canter activities, merchandize distribution and everyday contest prizes. The overall launch activity was extremely successful and Red FM received an overwhelming support from ‘Nandedkars’ that reflected in the on air and on ground traction,” he added.

On being asked about the programming strategy and if it is different from the one applied in metros, Pathak revealed, “We pride ourselves as being a CHR station and we wish to remain one. We believe in our promise of super hit music and we continue doing so in all markets. It’s little different from Metros, but more like our rest of Maharashtra content, which leans more towards the local regional connect.”

Radio shows play a key role in promoting a radio station and RED FM Nanded has some plans to grab the audience attention. “Our flagship show, in all markets, is called Morning No 1, and it remains the same in Nanded; which tackles local issues and at the same time infuses Bollywood. So, it’s an all-out entertainment show with a purpose. We grab audience attention by making sure the show doesn’t sound frivolous, but has a meaning. Apart from that we have mid-morning show, RED Ka Bachelor, afternoon show, Light Camera Action, evening show, MH935 and night show called Nighlife with Akki,” Ranjit Pathak informed.

When it comes to investors, RED FM Nanded radio station not only has their trusted contributors, but is also looking out for new ones. On this, he added, “Taking investors as advertisers, we have started with local and Maharashtra based advertisers and are looking forward to adding national brands. We already have retailers, educational institutes, real estate, home décor, banks and local auto dealers on board. The upcoming Ganpati festival is what we are looking forward to bringing more Nanded advertisers on board.”

Lastly, when asked about how they will be generating revenue from the Nanded station, Pathak concluded, “All our stations have to focus on local generation. What makes it more interesting here is that with Dhule and Nanded, our offering in Maharashtra covers best of cities and also expects other cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad etc. to contribute significantly. Our sales teams are trained to sell 360 degrees and thus focus is to build FCT with activations and events and present comprehensive solutions to local and national clients.”