| 22 Feb 2024
RED FM's 'Short Cuts' is a new form of story-telling in the history of Indian Radio: Ranjit Pathak

MUMBAI: Ranjit Pathak, who is the programming head of Superhits 93.5 RED FM is quite confident as well as happy with their latest short story-telling show, Short Cuts, which is getting popular among the audience. In an exclusive interview with Radioandmusic, he talks about the bizarre concept, idea behind it and RJ Praveen, who is hosting the show.

 “Short Cuts is a new form of story-telling in the history of Indian Radio. It’s for the first time, we have done a show, ‘jo aap sun bhi sakte ho aur dekh bhi sakte ho’, which radio has never seen before. We wanted to evolve to the next stage and give new offering to the audience,” said, RED FM Programming Head Ranjit Pathak.

“The stories are one shots that will make u think twice about your Radio listening experience of last few minutes. It is a collection of stories capturing different nuances of our society and captures various elements from the human life that makes it a roller coaster journey that life is. Be it a relationship, professional matter or daily routine, in the end, it will turn into something, which you wouldn’t expect at all,” he added.

On the idea behind creating this first-of-its-kind story telling format, Pathak shared, “We wanted to break the mundane and come up with a disruptive format. Radio is the most intimate real time medium, where listeners feel connected and Short Cuts is no exception. As everyone is running behind their busy schedule, we have tweaked the story-telling format to a swift one, accompanied by short films. Breaking the monotony of everyday radio sessions, Short-cuts brings back much needed edginess in creative story-telling.”

“It is all about creating meaningful content that revives the golden days of radio, when it was the ultimate medium of entertainment. Short-cuts is an inventive way of story-telling in digital age where both on-air and online mediums will be utilized for effective narrative,” he further added.

When asked about the key highlights of Short Cuts, RED FM’s programming head, who was earlier with Viacom 18 exclaimed, “The main highlight of Short Cuts is that the stories have a digital version (short film), so it is released on-air as well as on digital at the same time! Besides, it’s other highlights the fact that it has original stories with an unexpected twist at the end and are not bound to a genre.”

On the challenges faced, Pathak told, “The challenge was to do a whole story in a micro way, but that’s what the fun is also about. Short Cuts is a refreshing breather in between songs, ads and jock talk, spanning not more than two minutes, but with an impact which would stay on the minds of listeners for long.”

Popular RED FM Kolkata Radio Jock, RJ Praveen is hosting the show, which has managed to strike the right chord with the audience, for its unique concept. On choosing Praveen, Pathak proudly told, “RJ Praveen is well known for his story telling skills. His voice modulation adds life to the stories. One can visualise the incidents happening in front of their eyes on hearing his narration.”

He further said, “He has been awarded for his story narration for the podcast show, Ek Kahaani Aisi Bhi by the New York Radio Festival in 2015 and 16, Golden Mike 2016 and Asian Customer Engagement Forum Award 2017. There was a demand of bringing back stories narrated by Praveen. So we launched Short Cuts with Praveen, a more new age approach to storytelling!”

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Meanwhile, Short Cuts is fictional flash with elements of suspense, thrill, shock and much more with the twist and turns to the simple slice of life moments. Voiced by the New York Award winner story teller RJ Praveen, the stories narrated on the show are getting a goof audience response.

“It is gaining a lot of traction on our social media. People are really looking forward on which is going to be the next story,” he proudly concluded.

Watch Short Cuts episode here: