| 02 Dec 2023
Any award you get is not the recognition of your work, but how much people love you: RJ Nitin

MUMBAI: Indian Television Dot Com’s group Radioandmusic has come up with Radio Connex 2018, an event that celebrates excellence in Radio by honouring achievers from the radio industry. The event split in various award categories also includes the best RJ category. Well on the same Delhi’s Khurafati Nitin as he is called is nominated for Radio Connex 2018, we got in  touch with RJ Nitin as look what he has to say on this.

Recently RJ Nitin was awarded with the ‘Gurugram’ achievers award as the role model of the year. He revealed that it was his first ever Gurugram award. Now when asked about his excitement for Radio Connex 2018 he said, “Any award that you get is not the recognition of the work, but how much people love you. I mean awards always help you boost your moral. I am pretty excited about this as it’s said that an award is not only  the litmus to see what people are doing with, but whether it is good or not. The award that I got in Gurugram did not mean that the other RJ’s were not good."

RJ Nitin, who also did a vote appeal to the audience for Radio Connex 2018, he elaborated, “Don’t necessarily vote for me. I would just say that vote for the person, whom you think deserves this award.  Because if people vote for me when I did not deserve it, then I would be more disheartened. It’s all in the hands of the audience.”

There have been fewer platforms, where organisations have celebrated radio and awarded the excellence in the industry. Well Radio Connex 2018 is one such platform and RJ Nitin has well explained, how these award celebrations really help RJ’s. He said, “Today, on Radio, people really look up to you.  Radio Jockeys are more like friends to people. So, people don’t think of us as celebs, when people call me on my show but a friend. For example, ‘there was a person asking me, why are people putting pineapples on peaches? Do something about it people are just spoiling cuisine’. These are just basic things, which the fans are calling me for.  I talk about food all the time as I am a big foodie. Also, the award is not for you, it’s basically for the audience because it tells the listeners that they have made the right choice by tuning into your show.”