| 29 Nov 2023
I'm really excited about Radio Connex: RJ Jeeturaaj Radio Mirchi

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi’s RJ Jeeturaaj has been nominated at Radio Connex, an initiation by Indian Television Dot Com group’s Radioandmusic, which aims to bring the radio industry under one roof. Out of the several nominees, we have one of the most renowned RJ Jeeturaaj who had earlier represented India at the International Radio Festival in 2013. In an exclusive interview, Jeeturaj spoke about platforms like Radio Connex that celebrate Radio.

“I’m really excited about Radio Connex. I think it’s wonderful that radio as a medium is celebrated in its own space. Awards for the best work done in radio are not only an acknowledgement, but also keeps the zest in every radio professional alive to do more, constantly innovate and keep reinventing ourselves,” said RJ Jeeturaaj.

On being asked to comment on competitions like Radio Connex that give recognition to the radio industry, he said, “The competitions are fun. It brings out the best in us and most importantly, brings the industry together. It’s a great way to learn from each other. I, however, feel that media platforms on the whole are blending seamlessly, today, and great content will also rise above the rest. Radio however will always remain to have its own role in our lives.”

Further on asking RJ Jeeturaaj on what he thinks about Radio Festivals like (IRF) International Radio Festival, which invites global RJ's and radio industry people he said, “I think only the best talent from India should represent the country at such a prestigious event. I wish the best talent win. The International Radio Festival gives us an understanding about how this medium is not only consumed but also is changing across the globe. It does keep us on our toes and is a great learning ground too. It’s a melting pot of the best work on radio so it’s going to be a lot of fun.”