| 15 Jul 2024
I have won the very moment when my content has reached my listeners: RJ Shonali, Radio City Pune

MUMBAI:  Pune chi mulgi and Radio City star RJ Shonali is known for her local stories from the Maharashtrian city. The RJ who is popular among the locals for her show, City no. 1, has bagged a nomination in the best RJ category of Radio Connex 2018. She speaks her mind in an exclusive interview.

Speaking about her nomination, RJ Shonali said, “I feel amazing. It’s a huge achievement just to get nominated in such a colossal platform. I have given my best shot and I feel I have won the very moment when my content has reached my listeners.”

“I look at the phenomenon of winning or losing with a different perspective - if my content is creating a positive impact on the listeners’ mind, I consider it as winning in the first place. Hence, if the judges feel the same through my content, I will definitely win,” exclaimed Shonali on whether she will win the award tonight.

On Radio Connex, a celebration of excellence in Radio, RJ Shonali exclaimed, “We all work hard, but getting appreciation from such a huge platform will definitely motivate us to work more passionately.”

Lastly, on the International Radio Festival, the Radio City RJ concluded, “I feel this is very important for us. I have been seeing local and national level Radio Programming over the past 10 years of my career in the industry. This time it is different and huge, and I will surely get a new perspective and in turn bring about a creative change in my content back home. Yes, I would absolutely love to be there!”