| 19 Jun 2024
Radio City BengaluruÆs ædrama queenÆ RJ Nethra thanks Radio Connex for her nomination in the best RJ category

MUMBAI: Radio City Bengaluru’s drama queen RJ Nethra knows well to make a mark with her radio jocking skills. She has been nominated in the best RJ category of the International Radio Festival at Radio Connex 2018. In an exclusive interview, she talks about her nomination and more.

On her nomination, she exclaimed, “Representing Indian Radio on an international platform will surely be a milestone in my career and that’s a dream for any radio professional. Having been nominated alongside some of the best in the country surely makes me feel on top of the world. Having said that, representing a strong southern part of India, Bengaluru, I am glad to be nominated from the only Kannada radio station “Radiocity Bengaluru”. With all the positivity, I look forward to representing Kannadigas on an international platform.”

When asked about the biggest celebration of radio industry, Radio Connex, Nethra said, “Excellence in whatever you do, sure wins hearts. And when you have people recognizing talents from across the country, putting them up on an international pedestal, I can’t thank Radio Connex enough for the honour. May the most deserving win!”

On the international radio festival, RJ Nethra commented, “I have been in the Indian Radio industry and a voice of Bengaluru for the last decade! Representing diverse cultures that India brings in - its languages, thoughts, movies and kannadiga emotions - on an international platform would be a great high. Three cheers to team Radio Connex for “International Radio Festival”- a commendable task of bringing in people irrespective of the creed and colour. Looking forward for this one with all the positivity.”