| 04 Oct 2023
Radio City's RJ Salil and Archana are confident to win at Radio Connex

MUMBAI: Radio City’s popular RJs RJ Salil and RJ Archana, who have a huge fan base, are all confident to win at Radio Connex 2018 – a celebration of excellence in Radio. Mumbai’s popular RJs expressed their joy on their nomination and spoke about Radio Connex and International Radio Festival in an exclusive interview with Radioandmusic.

Speaking about his nomination in the best RJ category of Radio Connex, RJ Salil said, “It feels great to be nominated for some good work put in throughout the year and when all the love culminates into a nomination, there is no better feeling than this.”

RJ Archana also expressed her views on nomination. She said, “It’s the best feeling to be nominated by one the most intensive Radio Industry online publisher! They not only follow our journey with respect to our radio undertakings but also celebrate our overall professional milestones! They are like our family who take time out to recognize your accomplishments and give a pat on your back every time we showcase a skill set, talent or do our bit for the city!”

“Keeping faith in the work we do, we always believe we can win,” Salil added on whether they will win an award.

But Archana has an explanation on why they deserve to win. “Winning is seriously an outcome of whoever makes the most mark with their endeavors with the city, for the city as Radio is all about thinking Global, acting local! And in that aspect this year we have been one step ahead with almost all aspects! We have partnered with UNO for beach clean-up as part of the WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, filled up more than 100 potholes across Mumbai, celebrated a black and white Holi to stress the importance of speed-breakers, and made it possible for Ramghar residents to get their toilets in Mulund. If not for all these efforts then for simply holding the spirit of Mumbai together with hope and positivity by wanting to make these positive changes themselves, we do deserve this award I believe,” she exclaimed.

RJ Salil and his radio mate RJ Archana has been nominated in the best RJ category of Radio Connex. The winner will represent India at the International Radio Festival, which is slated to be held from 29 October to 4 November in Europe’s Cultural Capital for 2018, Malta.

On being asked about Radio Connex, RJ Salil commented, “Radio Connex is a fantastic platform for RJs across India. Since there was also a voting section, it makes it even better because it allows the fans to reach out and be connected with the voices they admire.”

To this RJ Archana added, “The consistent effort that radioandmusic puts in to celebrate the medium of radio through their esteemed portal gets the much desired natural culmination in giving the nominees their due credit for all the efforts they take in their respective radio endeavors!”

Every RJ dreams of attending the International Radio Festival (IRF). On being asked about IRF, RJ Salil said, “Well, we think radio in India is now rather more connected to the people and it is very influential. We are taking giant leaps in the direction where radio as a pure platform is considered and there could be no better place than the International Radio Festival to showcase our brand of radio.”

The RJ, anchor and VJ further expressed, “We are absolutely ready with our passports, wish us bon voyage!”

Salil’s radio companion also shared her views on International Radio Festival, “If we win we certainly will make it! Representing our nation’s radio station after belonging to this medium for 16 years should equip us with the much needed wisdom with regards to radio. Also, being global citizens to similar issues we face in another corner would not just be relatable but also cathartic to hear for many of the locals!”

Radio Connex will be held today in Mumbai and will be graced by the legendary radio announcer Ameen Sayani.