| 24 Apr 2024
MY FM's 'O MardKalAana' at Jaipur The social campaign tries to tackle the issue of public urination

MUMBAI: Men who urinate on public walls were surprised when they read “O MardKalAana written on the walls. MY FM, the number one station of Jaipur conceptualized this activity to address the widespread challenge civic issue of public urination. Based on the theme of this year’s blockbuster thriller movie Stree, MY FM ran the campaign that aimed at generating consciousness amongst the public to prevent polluting the city and to discontinue urinating on the walls. Through the campaign, the radio network uses fear, the best psychological weapon, too aware the people on this common sanitation problem.

The radio channel kicked off the initiative by painting 10 dirtiest walls across Jaipur which were used for urination with the line O MardKalAana. RJs did live shows from these locations and recorded the people’s reaction who assumed it as Stree 2's promotion or that someone is playing a joke. RJs picked up the content on air across all shows highlighting the shaken and horrified reactions of the people. MY FM revealed the truth in five days.

Commenting on the initiative, MY FM, Rahul Namjoshi, Business Head said, “O MardKalAana is one of our most ground-breaking and socially relevant campaigns. We have always believed in doing things in a special way and alert people on civic issues which are commonly prevalent. The peril of public urination is common in various cities across the country and needs to be tackled. We are glad that this distinctive and interesting campaign has helped us in dispersing the significance of keeping the environment ‘swachh’ and stop urinating in public places to the masses.”

MY FM orchestrated the activity as a psychological weapon that has to be deployed in everyone’s mind and they did it by creating fear. The motive of the campaign was to spread the message of not urinating in open and use the public washrooms. It is vital to keep the surroundings clean and not to defile public places.