| 22 Sep 2023
Increase in Private FM Stations, 238 Community Radio Stations operational says Indian Telecom Services Performance Indicator Report

MUMBAI: As per Indian Telecom Services Performance Indicator Report released by TRAI today, there is a growth witnessed in the number of Private FM stations in the country. The data released is for the Quarter ending 30 September 2018.

As per the report, there are 350 operational private FM Radio stations, operative, in 95 cities, which are operated by 33 FM Radio broadcasters as compared to 328 private FM Radio stations in 86 cities operated by 34 FM Radio broadcasters in the previous quarter. This number of radio stations, mentioned, excludes the ones, which are operated by India’s public broadcaster All India Radio (AIR).

Also, during this quarter, FM Radio operator, M/s Syntech Informatics Private Limited had given intimation that they will be shutting down operation of its single FM Radio station at Siliguri.

Besides, the report also stated that 238 Community Radio Stations are operational according to the data received from MIB, as on 30th September 2018.

With the report hinting at a growth in the number of private radio stations, in the country, we can anticipate more growth by the next quarter. Also, with AIR (All India Radio) declaring open its news for Private FM Stations, on certain conditions, the future for Indian Radio looks bright in 2019.