| 30 May 2024
RJ Anmol credits Radioandmusic for first ever video for a radio show promo with beat boxer Abhishek

MUMBAI: Radio Nasha’s RJ Anmol has recently released the first ever video for a radio show promo with beat boxer Abhishek. The radio jock credits Radioandmusic for this unique idea popping in his head. Anmol has shot this video for his show, Ek Main Aur Ek Tu.

Spilling beans about the same, RJ Anmol said, “The credit goes to Radioandmusic. Last, year, the night, when I was hosting Radio Connex award show, I saw the 7 Bantaiz group performing. Then and there, I had in my mind that I have to do something with them, what I didn’t know at that time. Hence, while driving back home, I thought of making this video promo in New Year 2019.”

"This is the first time that I have shot a video of the promo, no radio promo has a video as such. We have shot a video exclusively of the promo, which you can see on my Instagram page,” he told.

Putting light on the video, Anmol added, “The new thing about the show is the new promo, we have made. It’s basically like Naya Saal Naya Andaaz, that’s the whole line, which I had in my mind. This is the first time, I have done two things. One is that the whole promo is on a beatbox, a human voice and there is no technology used. Even the beats, you hear, is nothing but beatboxing done by Abhishek, the beatboxer from the 7 Bantaiz group, who is popular as the beat slayer.”

While the sound designing of the video is done by Sagar Mhatre, its production is by Elwin. The cinematography is done by Rutuja and Vinod Gupta isthe video editor of this first-of-its-kind video promo.

Renowned names from Bollywood have contributed for RJ Anmol's promo. On this, he reveals, “Asha Bhonsle, Kajol, and Sanjay Dutt have given their ids like - Gaane Anmol hai toh Sunaane wala Anmol hona chahiye. Sanjay Dutt he has copied my style as you will hear him saying Anmol – the way I say my name on my show."

On working with Abhishek, RJ Anmol said, “Both of us come from a different genre, though we are of the same age group. He is like a full rapper, beatboxer kind of people while I am a full retro guy. So, the fusion of these two different genres has made it more interesting. I have shot the whole video in Dharavi. The line, which I use on my show, Naam Ka Nai, Main Kaam Ka Anmol Hu are a part of the video.You will see names written in Dharavi, shown in the video whenever the line ‘Naam Ka Anmol’ comes in the video. And when ‘Kaam Ka’ plays, you will see – press Wala coffee wala, etc.”