| 10 Dec 2023
Radio Nasha's RJ Divya aka G9 wins Perfect Achievers award, says his show content is not available on internet

MUMBAI: Radio Nasha’s RJ Divya Solgama aka G9 or the Bollywood Spy has recently won the Perfect Achievers Award in the Best Content RJ category. The event was held in January 2019 and was organised by Perfect Magazine.

Sharing about his achievement, RJ Divya said, “I have won Perfect Achievers Award in the Best Content RJ category for my show, - The G9 Show on Radio Nasha. The show shares the rarest of the rarest information related to Hindi cinema. There is a huge collection of old songs, movies, magazines; I keep sharing on my show, which is my USP.”

On winning the award, he exclaimed, “It is a great achievement because there are very few shows, who talk about the content related to Hindi cinema especially on Radio with so much research. You may find trivia based shows, but mine is a trivia plus rare songs, dialogues, old or shelved moves etc.”

RJ Divya is known as G9 in the radio circle. He also shared the story behind it, “I have a tag name of G9, which means Bollywood Spy, inspired by Mithun Chakraborty’s desi don character, from the Bollywood movie, Suraksha, who had the code name G9 just like 007 in the James Bond films.”

Be it Anil Kapoor’s birthday or Udit Narayan special, RJ Divya has shared the most unheard details about their life on the show. 

He revealed, “Recently,  on the occasion of Anil Kapoor’s birthday, I did an entire show, dedicated to him, trivias related to his rare films, his shelved films etc. played his songs, which are not available on the internet. For example, I played one song, Anil had sang for Bappi lahiri’s pop album, while there was another song, he had crooned for Nadeem Shravan. We also had udit Narayan special show, where I told viewers about him working  in a Nepali movie for which, he had also sung, prior to entering Hindi film industry as a playback singer. So, I shared all of his dialogues and audio from the movie on the show. We talked about this as well as all of his regional songs, he has crooned, which are about seven to eight.”

RJ Divya also revealed what new he and the radio station are planning for his show in 2019. So, the show initially was going on-air in Mumbai and Delhi. But, based on demand, it will going national because of its content. It will be aired in UP on Fever, Bengaluru, Hyderabad etc.

When I had started the show, I told Fever Head Gaurav Sharma that whatever trivia, you will find on my show are not present on the internet. But once the show is out, those trivia will be available only after it on internet. I keep doing on the occasion of birthdays or any movie release. Shahrukh’s movies with Ayesha Jhula, Aamir Khan (two), and Raveena Tandon etc, never saw light of the day. I have shared trivia about Amitabh bachchan’s all regional movies. I 60s era when films like Superman, were made or the Tarzan series which started from the Tarazan era. People just know about MR. India and a Kishore Kumar movie on invisible man, but there were movies done by Ashok Kumar and Amol Kumar also on this subject.

Lastly, commenting on the latest decision of All India Radio of making AIR News bulletin available to other Private FM stations in India, RJ Divya exclaims, “It will be a great thing, people have been waiting for this since long. Mumbai is a big city, but for smaller areas, one needs to know about their local stuff. Hence, I am looking forward to it.”