| 24 Feb 2024
Kumbh 2019: RED FM's campaign on pickpocketing goes social!

MUMBAI: 93.5 RED FM has created awareness amongst the people who attended Kumbh 2019. The largest congregation of human gathering, Kumbh is known for its spectacular sight, but also witnesses rampant forms of crimes like pickpockets, chain snatching etc.

After taking the sacred dip, devotees also surf through and enjoy the vibrant fair that makes for a fun experience. However, with a vast gathering comes a risk of pickpocketing and theft. To therefore curb the menace of pick pocketers, RED FM partnered with the Uttar Pradesh Police to make the devotees mindful of their surroundings and the risk of getting pickpocketed.

The popular radio station hired ex- pick pocketers and with their help planted a wallet size creative in the pockets of these devotees in a form of quirky one liners, such as - Mann saaf karwao, jeb nahi! Being unaware of these in their pockets, they later were taken by surprise when they found these in their pockets.

Through this campaign, RED FM tried adding a humorous touch to the persistent issue of pickpocketing and made people understand that if putting messages in their pockets is that simple, it is also extremely easy to get their pocket picked. The initiative caught fancy of devotees and created a lot of buzz amongst the attendees at Kumbh.

The campaign was captured by RED FM in a video to create a Public Service Film of the initiative and the same has been seeded digitally to reach out to an incremental audiences.

Well, if you come across the film on Social Media, do help RED FM to spread the word.