| 26 May 2024
RED FM's digital platform is a marketing tool: Nisha Narayanan

MUMBAI: “Red FM’s digital platform serves two purposes. Firstly it is a marketing tool for brand RED FM and secondly it is important from a business point of view (content monetisation). It’s another wing added to RED FM,” says RED FM COO Nisha Narayanan.

Digital space is growing at a skyrocketing speed and everyone is jumping onto it even the radio industry. Today every radio brand has a YouTube channel and content specifically made for digital. RED FM too has ventured this space and is looking at building this into a marketing tool.

Narayanan explains, “RED FM is looking at having brand extensions, in the form of both on-ground and digital. It requires that much effort in terms of marketing those properties as well. So, RED FM's digital platform will surely be marketed and focussed upon as we are clear in this road-map.”

“We have had some really good brands like Vodafone, HUL, Indus Valley, Honor India, Tinder, Havmor and more. Some of them have won awards as well,” shares Narayanan while speaking about brands that are investing in RED FM’s digital space.

With big bucks coming in RED FM is working towards the digital space assiduously. “There is a separate team/business unit that takes care of the content that goes on RED FM’s YouTube channel.”

Millennial play a pivotal role in today’s digital audience. On being asked if RED FM’s venture into the digital space has brought younger TG closer, Narayanan comments, “Of course, you cannot ignore youth. There is always been an ET into 34 youth-centric brands. It’s a natural progression to get on to the RED FM digital space, which also caters to the larger audience of youth TG. We need to keep changing and innovating with time.”

Sharing benefits of radio going digital Narayanan says, “It is a marketing tool (brand extension) and a very strong business proposition. Unlike FM technologies, digital can reach out to both national as well as international. Therefore, the medium can reach out to a larger audience as long as the content is engaging and driven.”

“We need to make ourselves relevant in today’s time. RED FM digital is a step towards being more relevant to the audience, whom we cater,” ends the COO.