| 19 May 2024
World Music Day: RED FM to launch new brand extension for independent artists
MUMBAI: Popular lyricist Irshad Kamil, who has penned Kabir Singh’s album calls his last work his biggest motivation.
On being asked about his biggest motivation, Kamil explained, “My last song is my motivation. I aim to write better than what I had written earlier.”
Writing songs superhit songs like Bekhayali, Jag Ghoomeya, etc. would indeed require time and a comfortable place to sit and write.
Revealing about the same, Irshad said, “I generally work at night because the atmosphere is peaceful, and you know that you will not be receiving anyone’s phone and there will be no disturbance.”
This is so true. Music maestro A R Rahman is also used to creating music at night.
“After listening to the composition of any song, you keep it in your mind and set yourself free for sometime to see what comes in mind. Sometimes it takes two days, two weeks while sometimes it takes a mere two hours,” he further added on the process of writing and time taken.
Lyricists, in spite of their noteworthy contribution, weren’t given the credits they deserve. But, the effort of some like Javed Akhtar has helped in changing the scenario. Commenting on the same, Irshad said, “It actually depends on the director and producer of the film. If the producer is interested in one’s music, they really value the lyricists and music directors.”
Lastly, Irshad Kamil has an advice for budding lyricist, “I will give them only one advice to listen to good music, nice songs with good lyrics. Without listening to such music, reading good books and good thoughts, you cannot be a good writer.”