| 29 Feb 2024
RED FM: Ranjit Pathak calls RED Indies 'branded movement' while Malishka finds it 'revolutionary'

MUMBAI: Popular radio station RED FM, which is known for launching interesting, innovative properties recently launched RED Indies to promote independent music and indie artists, on the occasion of World Music Day.

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Speaking about the format of the show, RED FM programming head Ranjit Pathak shared, “This is something that will get revealed as we go along. But right now, the promise is that we as RED FM brand strongly believe in the potential of independent artists because this sector is so scattered. There is no organised network, or something really supporting it. So, we wanted to move in that space, support, stand by them as well as groom not only them, but also the movement of independent music, which is currently happening. A lot of things are in the pipeline and are going to offspring from this whole umbrella thought called RED Indies.”

To this, Malishka added, “Many artists have become successful only after beginning from somewhere and we meet so many such who don’t have enough exposure, platform and don’t know where to start from. So, if we can give these people one more platform where they can say, ‘hey RED FM also did this for us.’ Going forward, you will see a lot of stuff on RED FM as a platform that will encourage these artists, give them a space and a platform to boast their talents.”

Pathak further spoke about the point-of-focus of the show, “At this point, unfortunately, we are not able to reveal anything, but there will be some programming that will happen, we will create a slot. There are a lot of content pieces that will come out of this whole initiative, which will not only be on air, but at some point, it will be across different platforms as well. There are a lot of interests’ things to look forward to with RED Indies. We probably will also be collaborating with a lot of labels.”

“RED Indies is a branded movement with branded indie music songs. We will be focussing on more of independent music and upcoming artists in this mission. You will see a lot of fresh, good music coming out,” he further added.

On being asked if there will be song launches happening under the property, Malishka answered, “It could be anything though we know what we are going to do. We are actually excited.”

“Of course, we are the frontrunners in the market, but apart from that we come from a place of actually wanting to do what’s next? RED FM is a brand that is always looking at new ways to serve the world in our capacity of entertainment. Radio and digital is a big platform now. We are one of the largest networks and people, who hear us naturally, make sense to diversify that and see what next can we do. We have built so many wonderful talents even in-house and the name is all out there. We ideally believe that we are a jack of so many things and not that we are masters of none. Music is our passion that’s how our radio station and my songs are born,” she further added.

Labels are already promoting independent music on a large scale today. On being asked, how radio as a platform can not only contribute but also stand equivalent to them, RED FM programming head explained, “This is a platform, where we create and curate music. So, offering will be more widespread, fresh and it has some form of mass appeal. So, it is extracted from different sources and we are going to curate a really quality music stream.”

Of course at some point of time, we will have our originals and a lot of interesting, curated music content. Every platform is niche and we will also have our kind with the type of curation we will do, fresh music artists we will tie up with. So, we have a different offering and interesting mix of things coming together, which I think will make this product a very enriching experience,” Pathak added on how RED Indies will stand out among already existing platforms that promote independent music.

To this Malishka added, “RED Indies is going to be a revolutionary thing in a small way. While there are so many platforms offering chance for individuals to showcase their talent, I don’t see anything happening in our radio field. We make for a very huge, one-to-one connect with people and that’s why the stars that come out of this space, have great futures and RED Indies should be the one that you are looking out for.”

On being quizzed, if there will be collaborations, Pathak told, “It completely depends, but right now we are in the process of curating quality content.”

Ranjit Pathak also had a message of artists, “Earlier, there was no such a kind of platform, but these days, there is a lot of awareness. Digitalisation has made it so widespread. There are a lot of platforms to sample. So, this is the time when one should perceive their passion and this is what, radio as a brand would like to urge upcoming music talents and this has been our whole endeavour.”

 “The world has changed and is more participative for a long time now. There is not just one dimension, where I can just may you listening. But it is the other way as I get a lot of content on a daily basis from my audience; I can run a show on it. So, imagine how much talent is out there in this world, which can be opened up in a certain way,” said Malishka on the importance of interactive content today.

RED Indies was launched with great pomp on World Music Day. While in Mumbai indie artists like Arjun Kanungo, Prakriti Kakar, Sukriti Kakar and Darshal Raval joined Malishka and RED FM team, Delhi had RED COO and director Nisha Narayanan and team unveiling the logo.

Lastly, Malishka shared her thoughts on music, “A song or even a piece of music can touch anyone’s soul, doesn’t matter where you are, whether stuck in traffic jam or in a helicopter, it’s really a binder. Music cannot just be one thing. We listen to different kinds of music. We all are aware of the indie pop revolution of 90’s and once again independent music is standing out so beautifully today. Music is something that comes from soul and not mere something that plays in the background for hero-heroines. And it’s very important that India listens to indie music. We are very proud of RED Indies intiative, RED FM is doing.”