| 30 May 2024
BIG FM shuns mutes spectators, launches campaign 'Dilli Ke Dhakad'

MUMBAI: Staying true to its ethos, BIG FM, one of the largest networks in the country, once again sets an example by initiating the much-needed conversation around women safety in the Delhi NCR region. To cater to this serious issue, the radio network has launched the powerful campaign ‘Dilli Ke Dhakad’ which touches upon the challenges women face when it comes to feeling safe in the city and will provide a solution to it. The campaign, officially starting on July 09, 2019, will be led by none other than RJ Richa Anirudh who has consistently been the leading light in addressing women issues prevailing in the society.

Commenting on the campaign, a BIG FM spokesperson, said, “Women’s safety is one of the constant issues in the capital city which every woman is facing. This campaign is not only about creating awareness but taking tangible actions. We have divided Delhi into 7 zones where we will go on-ground and understand the real issues and look out for different perspectives to address the concern. One of the key observations by our team was that most people are ‘mute spectators’ and do not believe that they can make a difference. Our campaign will bring forth the thought that ‘Change starts with you.’ People who step forward and raise their voice to take action are the real ‘Dilli Ke Dhakkad’.”

Speaking about the campaign, well-known TV journalist and radio host Richa Anirudh said, “With the number of cases going up from molestation, eve-teasing, stalking to rape, all of us really need to pull our sleeve and stand united. It is very disappointing to see the city and women in a condition like such where they are scared to go out alone. In this hour of need, a change needs to be brought in the perception towards this heinous crime. Also, rather than restricting girls/women to step out, we need families to educate and sensitize men/boys about this topic. I am proud to be associated with this campaign. The entire BIG FM team is putting their best foot forward to make this city safer for women. I am hoping to receive support not only from women but men in large numbers as well.”

Aiming towards not only supporting women but sensitizing men towards their responsibility, the three -month campaign started with an informal conversation around women not feeling safe in the city followed by a reality check done by a team of RJs on the ground. The campaign received strong support from RJ Nitin, RJ Jassi, RJ Simran and RJ Yogi. As per the information gathered from one of BIG FM’s ardent listeners, the radio host Richa Anirudh along with a team member recede a place which was not safe. This was followed by RJ Yogi’s visit to a few corners of the city where he engaged with people in regards to the women safety issues in their respective areas. RJ Jassi even went on-ground for a vox-populi   

Divided into multiple activities, the radio station will identify areas, streets which are not safe for women and involve authorities to take strict action to resolve the issues. BIG FM will also release an anthem created for the campaign keeping in mind the gravity of the matter.