| 18 Jul 2024
Big FM RJs go beyond radio with 'Big Influencer Specials' launch for creative brand integrations

MUMBAI: BIG FM has announced the launch of its ‘BIG Influencer Specials’. The initiative has been launched with an intention to build RJ personas beyond radio for a larger reach, strengthen the brand’s presence in the digital realm and to bring forward their RJs across India as advocates for the brand. As part of the property, RJ Jassi (Delhi), RJ Abhilash (Mumbai), and RJ Sangram (Pune) among others have already started generating unique and distinctive content on their platforms. ‘BIG Influencer Specials’ will not only prove to be entertaining for their fans but will also give the brand an extra edge over others via 360-degree multimedia marketing opportunity and hence paving way for relevant brand integrations.

As one of the leading platforms in the radio industry, BIG FM RJ’s have been successful in creating a loyal audience base for themselves. The ‘BIG Influencer Specials’ initiative is aimed at enhancing BIG FM’s marketing proposition for potential advertisers. Touted as an extension of their on-air presence, each property leverages the hyper-local presence of their RJs in their respective cities and provides influencer-integrated opportunities to advertisers.

Commenting on the BIG Influencer Specials, THWINK Product and Marketing country head, Sunil Kumaran said, “Radio Jockeys are credible influencers in their local regions. People believe in them and have a great amount of trust. This aspect can be leveraged effectively by brands wanting to use ‘Influencer Marketing’ as a means to build trust in their offerings. We understand this opportunity and ‘BIG Influencer Specials’ is our attempt to further grow the brand value of our talented RJs. We will have a series of initiatives built around the RJ’s persona and key market/consumer insight which will help build their presence across media platforms. Brands can take advantage of this initiative for their campaigns and now have a wider suite of benefits to leverage from BIG FM.”

Meeting the requirements of the advertisers, the initiative will also have RJs like RJ Shruti, RJ Nitin, RJ Rashmi, and RJ Shiv among others who will be producing key content on their respective platforms around various topics that will hook the listeners and audiences that are beneficial to advertisers.