| 20 Jul 2024
The biggest misconception about becoming a radio jockey is that you need to have a good voice: RJ Yogi
MUMBAI: RJ Yogi whose style of talking is assuring, lively yet soothing believes that very often, we do not have time to spare anything, let alone for ourselves. Through his nostalgic show Kabhi Kabhi with RJ Yogi, he gives listeners the moment of soul searching with the intent of bringing out the best in oneself. 
BIG FM’s motivating RJ had an interesting tale to narrate about his journey when we got a grip of him for an exclusive chat. 
“It was in my B-Tech final year when I used to work with a community radio station. It was during that time, I thought that if I became an engineer, I would definitely be a bad one with poor engineering skills. Hence, I decided to become an RJ and chose that as my career option,” said RJ Yogi giving a sneak-peek into why he chose this profession. 
Earlier RJ Yogi worked as the programming head of a community radio station. But in 2014, he got an opportunity to be an RJ.
“Deep down my heart I wanted to speak on radio, I decided not to be a programming head and delve right into my passion i.e being a radio jockey, " added Yogi.
Leaving his Engineering degree aside, RJ Yogi had a clear vision latter on what he wanted to do.
He shared, “It was not a difficult choice for me as I was passionate about radio. I used to listen to the medium during my college time and mimic my favorite RJs like Nitin, Anand, and Saurabh.”
On pursuing his career of being a fantabulous jock, Yogi spoke about people having certain misconceptions about being an RJ.
“The biggest misconception about becoming a radio jockey is that you need to have a good voice. In fact, that’s the last thing required,” said Yogi.
He emphasized on what's the most important job being an RJ, “Firstly, your presentation matters and how beautifully you can narrate to the audience.”
Surviving in the industry for almost a decade strong, Yogi has witnessed a change.
“I have seen a gradual drift. Earlier, an RJ was the only medium to listen to and recognize but these days it’s not just about being on-air, but you got to have a digital presence too.”
Going with the flow and yet keeping in mind about the changing scenarios, Yogi revealed that he would be experimenting with his new show digitally and the audience would get to see some changes on the content front as well.
Before wrapping up, he leaves a message for budding RJs, “They need to find a target audience and present things simply.”