| 01 Oct 2023
BIG FM launches 'Hawa Tight Hai' to reduce extreme levels of pollution across Mumbai and Delhi

MUMBAI: BIG FM, one of the largest networks in the country has provided a platform for children supported by RJ Khurafati Nitin in Delhi and RJ Vrajesh Hirjee in Mumbai to raise concerns on the various causes of pollution. BIG FM through this campaign intends to find feasible solutions to make India a better place to reside for future generations. Built around the two concerning metros, this campaign urges BIG FM listeners to consciously reflect on the future climatic conditions through a child’s perspective.

BIG FM has time and again brought to light prevalent social issues and provided feasible solutions for its listeners to bring about a change for the better. In their endeavour to improve the country’s environment and ecosystem, the radio station has launched a unique campaign, 'Hawa Tight Hai', which will focus on looking at pollution from the unique lenses of children as they are the ones who would be impacted by this. Through children, BIG FM will drive conversations, challenge notions, make everyone aware of their roles in addressing this issue. It will be an initiative which focuses on ‘action’ more than ‘discussion’.

The 2-month campaign will focus on one major cause of pollution each week. Furthermore, each city will take up local issues that are causing pollution across the city and showcase the adversities of climatic concerns through a child’s perspective. To take it to another level, RJs will be striking a direct conversation with experts, NGOs, celebrities, school heads, authorities and listeners on a day-to-day basis.

Commenting on the campaign ‘Hawa Tight Hai’, a BIG FM spokesperson, said, “BIG FM has been triumphantly leading from the front when it comes to social issues that affect millions of lives. In the past, on the lines of Dhun Badal Ke Dekho, we have taken many initiatives that have been successful to bring about a change on a large scale. I am hopeful that through this initiative, we will be able to move into taking ‘actions’. Children are the future of the country; let’s make sure we leave them with a pollution-free nation.”

Speaking on the campaign, RJ Khurafati Nitin said, “It’s sad to see such a situation around me. From a child to the elderly, everyone is suffering badly. We always keep complaining that authorities and government aren’t doing enough to tackle the issue. But I firmly believe that as citizens of the country, it’s our responsibility as well to take care of our environment. This campaign has arrived at the right time and will act as a lifeguard for all of us. This time, instead of getting into the blame game, we are taking the baton in our hands for a greener and cleaner future. I am happy to be a part of this initiative and look forward to engage with as many people as I can on this critical topic.”

Talking about the campaign, RJ Vrajesh Hirjee said, “The issue of pollution is something which hasn’t been addressed properly for a long time making it critical, as the number of people getting affected is rising. I am glad to be a part of such an initiative which will not only highlight the core issues but focus on the solutions to deal with the problem efficiently.”

The radio station will be organizing and engaging panel discussions involving the key authorities, experts along with key influencers to make a real difference and hence improvising the quality of life in the society.