| 24 Feb 2024
BIG FM'S 'ONWARD & UPWARD - The big morning show hits a century, continues to inspire workforce every day

MUMBAI: It’s definitely 100 not out for BIG FM! Adding another feather to its glorious cap, the radio network has hit a century with its unique property for employees ‘Onward & Upward – The BIG Morning Show’. Like all major crises, the COVID-19 pandemic is bound to leave behind lasting changes in the way we work and businesses function. BIG FM kickstarted the learning series for employees to embrace new normal and keeping distributed workforce focused, forward-looking and attuned to rapidly changing business scenarios. Growing from strength to strength with daily learning sessions providing insight aplenty, the show hosted its 100th episode. Celebrating this BIG day, imparting his knowledge and wisdom among BIG FM employees, pioneer of India’s private satellite television industry, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha and Chairman Emeritus, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., Shri. Subhash Chandra became the 100th speaker.

The successful first season of ‘Onward & Upward – The BIG Morning Show’ featured leaders from within the radio network as well as industry stalwarts from across the Media & Entertainment, FMCG, Automobile and Banking & Insurance sectors amongst others. With Season 2.0 of the show, BIG FM has been hosting subject matter experts who lay major impetus towards the recovery and restart of the respective industries and the economy at large. Stretching beyond inbuilt experiences, historical practices and blind spots, the series has contributed in shaping employees’ understanding of emerging trends at a much faster pace than industry peers to adapt to shifting business mindset. It also brought a shift by moving beyond traditional static learning to taking action-oriented perspectives. Having played a critical role in upskilling the employees through real time learning’s, the radio network has created a case study, laying down the blueprint for other media companies to follow suit.

As part of the 100th episode,  guest speaker Shri. Subhash Chandra, shared his insight on new-normal, his learnings, business and future plans. Shri. Chandra shared how his life has always been about adapting to the new normal and that accepting reality is the recipe of living a happy life. He further divulged that one cannot assume that they know everything and must have an open mind with a drive to keep learning. He also shared that he loves radio as it knows the pulse of the people best than any other mediums.

Speaking about the same, Abraham Thomas – Chief Executive Officer, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited, said, “We are extremely privileged and honoured to have Dr Subash Chandra inspiring Team Big on the 100th episode of Onward & Upward - The Big Morning Show! What started as a morning assembly for the BIG FM workforce has now turned into a successful property where, our aim is to engage, inspire and motivate our employees. This show has grown from strength to strength with over 100 experts sharing their insights and challenges with us, preparing us for the ‘new better’. This has helped us build momentum as a team and driven us to greater achievements in the last 5 months.”

Archanaa Singh, Sr. Vice President, HR, BIG FM shared, “Cultivating a learning culture is not just a catch phrase or a luxury in these times. It is a way to protect your organization and its people. We can use digital spaces to learn together, and not keeping it limited to just telling each other what to do. On the whole, the show has helped us to stretch beyond our inbuilt experiences and understand changing trends faster. With this initiative, we have created a relationship that frees up thinking and fosters growth. I am thrilled that our unique pioneering initiative has resonated well with our people as we complete 100 episodes of the show and who better than Dr. Chandra to be part of the celebrations.”

Adding further, Sunil Kumaran, Country Head, Product, Marketing & THWINK BIG, BIG FM, said, “It is amazing to see our initiative complete 100 episodes and we are still counting. Such offerings help extensively in inspiring our workforce and helping them bring new ideas and fresh perspectives that help raise their spirits during the current times. My sincere gratitude to each of the thought leaders, who, with their spirit, drive, and insight, have gives us learnings that will stay with us forever. It has been an honour to have Dr. Subhash Chandra as our 100th speaker, his wisdom and engaging conversation have helped us gain further perspective. Here’s to many more to come!”

Going strong at 100 and continuing over two magnanimous seasons, the ‘Onward & Upward – The BIG FM Morning Show’ is conducted via Google Meet and is attended by over 200 BIG FM employees. The network is looking towards curating more such offerings that provide immense value to its people, that makes BIG FM one of the leading radio networks in the country.

Presenting eminent personalities from various backgrounds, a host of corporate honchos, artists digital influencers and actors have graced the show. Below is the list of all the renowned guest speakers featured till now :