| 04 Oct 2023
This global Handwashing Day, BIG FM raises awareness on the importance of personal hygiene and care

MUMBAI: BIG FM, one of the leading radio networks in the country, is known to pioneer initiatives that help bring about a positive change in the society. In light of the current public health crisis, the importance of maintaining a strong regimen of personal hygiene has taken primacy, with washing hands being a crucial aspect. Marking the occasion of Global Handwashing Day, BIG FM ‘Haath Dhoke Aapke Peechhe Pada Hai’ – an initiative by the radio network that emphasizes on creating awareness around personal hygiene and care. Partnering with Himalaya Pure Hands Tulsi Purifying Hand Wash, the week-long campaign highlights the relevance of washing hands across BIG FM’s network of 58 stations.

As the nation is grappled in a pandemic, hand hygiene is one of the most effective actions one can take to prevent infections during these trying times. Being cognizant of its criticality, BIG FM kickstarted the week-long campaign on an exciting note through a host of engaging activities for its listeners. BIG FM RJs are hosting and interacting with experts who are shedding light on the importance of washing hands whilst also sharing interesting insights and breaking myths around the same. They are also sharing hand care tips for people who do household work and forget to take care of their hands amidst their daily chores. Giving a quirky take to the campaign, RJs are playing songs for 20 seconds and prompting listeners to wash their hands for that duration. BIG FM has also created a ‘Hand Wash Alarm’ which will be played 6 times in a day, reminding everyone to wash hands each time.

Additionally, the radio network has also introduced a ‘Haath Dhoone Ka Saboot’ challenge on its social media platforms, wherein listeners are required to share innovative pictures of themselves while washing their hands. Lucky participants will get a chance to win Himalaya Pure Hands Hampers. To raise further awareness, the radio network has also created a special video featuring BIG RJs who will urge listeners to participate by washing their hands, showcasing proof of their pledge to wash hands properly.

Speaking about the campaign, a spokesperson from BIG FM, said, “At BIG FM, we have always strived to deliver purpose driven initiatives that drive change and impart positivity. Handwashing has always been one of the primary measures of maintaining self hygiene and has become the need of the hour in the current trying times. Through this campaign, we wish to raise awareness and remind our listeners to practice the same regularly. We are glad to partner with Himalaya Pure Hands for the same and help bring about an effective change.”

Talking about the association, Vasudha Shrivatsava, Brand Manager, The Himalaya Drug Company, said, “Today, hand wash has become a primary precautionary measure to reduce the risk of infections. Most of the common infections spread through hands, and there is a pressing need to raise awareness about the importance of hand wash for the prevention of diseases. We, at Himalaya, have always been committed to spreading health and happiness through our head-to-heel range of products. Through our brand, Himalaya Pure Hands Hand Wash, we are focused at helping people keep their hands clean and germ-free with the natural antimicrobial power of Tulsi. We are happy to partner with Big FM for Global Handwashing Day to spread awareness about the importance of proper hand hygiene.

The radio network is known to spearhead various initiatives that promote a healthier life and has yet again come up with a purpose-led initiative on the occasion of Global Handwashing Day. The campaign is being extensively promoted across BIG FM’s online & digital platforms. Log on to BIG FM’s social media platforms and pledge your support now!
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