| 29 Sep 2023
Dilip Dugar: Wishlist for 2009 - Let's work together

Chodo kal ki baatien kal ki baat purani, aayo hum sab mil ke likhe ek nayi kahani (let's forget the past, as it's old now, let's come forward unitedly and write a new script)

It's 2009 now. Let's come forward to fulfil the wish list of the FM radio industry. This wish list can just be achieved when we all work together unitedly. FM radio in India is now growing and with agenda 2009, we can bring a new boom to this industry.

The first wish for the industry is the issue of music royalities. The issue of music royalties must be solved. Small stations are facing the heat of higher music royalties. On this very issue, all radio stations should take a common stand and chart out a blueprint so we can build a pressure on music companies. Music royalty is eating up the entire revenue pie, making radio a very unfeasible medium.

If this issue is not solved immediately, serious players are not going to come in the third phase. The goverment on its part, should come out with specific plans to mediate between FM stations and music companies.

Then comes the issue of third phase expansion. License raj in India has gone and it's a new age of less paper work. Hope to see less paper work and single window system in this phase. Single window system with fewer hassles will help this industry the most.

Then we all wish to see the coming of news in the Radio Industry from multiple sources. News will help FM radio to grow fast and will help it to enhance listeners' base and revenue. In this vivid, vibrant and varied country, news will help to connect people. After news makes its appearance on radio, the medium is going to be a force to reckon with in Indian media scene. Local issues and concerns will be highlighted making it a truly people's medium. Political ads being allowed on radio makes one feel that the government is seriously thinking on this issue. If all FM stations unite on this issue, hopefully we will see news on air this year.

The biggest platform for all of us is the Association of Radio Operators for India. But it has just a few members. Hope to see more members on this platform, regular meetings and issues of small operators in focus. Small operators' issues are lost on this platform. Let it be the year of small operators. Wish to see an updated AROI website this year.

There could be much more on this wish list. But let's start with few wishes and achieve them unitedly.

Dilip Dugar, Vice President, Radio Misty 94.3 FM