| 30 May 2024
Garden City College's campus radio inaugurated by Radio Mirchi's RJ Guru

MUMBAI: If you happen to enter the premise of Garden City College, Bengaluru at a specific time of the day, one can hear the campus radio go on-air. The campus radio informs the college students about the various happening in the college and around the globe which is run by a group of media students.

The initiative of campus radio was started by Manjunath M head of department of media studies and is now headed by Nikhitha Vijayan who is the lecturer in the same department. Speaking to, Vijayan said, "It is just for the students of Garden City College. It provides information about the college, college events and happenings around the world through news bulletins and radio features." On special occasions, the campus radio runs radio documentaries, features and drama. Students come up with radio jingles which are played very often.

The campus radio shows are divided into three slots according to the timings of the college 8.45 - 9am, 12.10 - 12.45pm and 3.30 - 4pm.

1992-formed Garden City College has been running a campus radio for a while now. This semester the campus radio was inaugurated by the hands of Radio Mirchi's RJ Guru. It went on-air from 29 September.

Vijayan said, "It is a campus radio run by the students, for the students and of the students. It is programmed and hosted by the students; and I mostly run through their scripts. Sometimes they are recorded." She made it clear that the campus radio is open to all. "The non-media students are still trying to understand the idea behind the campus radio. We are advertising about the campus radio in the campus so that we can invite and ask more students to join the radio."

A radio professional from All India Radio conduct workshop for the students. The college has provided the students with various radio equipments like sound mixtures, microphone and so on.