| 15 Jul 2024
MY FM RJs elected as youth ambassadors to promote voting in the cities

MUMBAI: MY FM RJs Rahul and Meenakshi were appointed as youth ambassadors to promote voting in their respective cities Amritsar and Chandigarh respectively. Both RJs are the most popular RJs of the cities and have a cult fan following basis which the election commission had assigned them the responsibility.

For the first time in Amritsar a radio jockey had been selected as the youth icon. Deputy Commissioner of Election Commission Ravi Bhagat had said that he is highly confident that after appointing RJ Rahul as the youth icon, whole of Amritsar will go out in huge numbers and vote on 30th April. RJ Rahul has already been appealing to the people of Amritsar to vote and he will be focusing on the youth to go out and exercise their right to vote. On the voting day, MY FM aired live updates of polling across the city and kept their listeners informed on the situation as it unfolds. This resulted in a very high voter turnout in Amritsar and overall the Punjab state highest voting ever at 73%.

Also, RJ Meenakshi, was nominated as the youth ambassador for promoting voting in Chandigarh and she was given an acknowledgement letter Deputy Commissioner cum District Magistrate M Shayin. MY FM was lauded for its efforts of playing special promos, doing RJ mentions, designing special activities around voting and giving special updates on polling booths and waiting etc. This resulted in a phenomenal voter turnout of 74% up by 12% than the previous 62% in 2009. MY FM played a leading role in motivating the residents especially the youth to come out and vote in big numbers.

Speaking on the development, Harish Bhatia, CEO, MY FM said, "We are very proud of doing our bit as a radio channel to promote voting this election. In a democracy, it is our constitutional right to vote and we should all exercise it to ensure the right candidates are elected to the parliament. MY FM took the elections as a challenge to create awareness and did fantastically well in Chandigarh and Amritsar. The nomination of MY FM RJs reinforces the popularity of the channel and its reach and connect with the listeners. We have been creating awareness through all our 17 stations and in future also continue to do so for all socially relevant issues."

Further elaborating Viplove Gupte, National Programming Head – 94.3 MY FM – Radio Business of Dainik Bhaskar Group said, "We have seen many celebrities and quasi celebrities suddenly appearing from nowhere when the elections are being held in the country. We decided that it will be more impactful when the local RJ who is a part of listeners' lives promotes voting during the elections. We approached election commission's local body and proposed that our RJs can be used for promoting voting amongst our listeners. It is a very proud moment for us as we have seen our RJ's impact earlier in all our campaigns and now with the astounding voter turnout, others have also witnessed the reach and impact of MYFM."