| 16 Apr 2024
Radio Mirchi and Bombay Blue introduce audio menu for visually impaired

MUMBAI: After providing audio books and films for the visually impaired, Radio Mirchi has now collaborated with Bombay Blue restaurant to make new audio food menu cards for the visually impaired. On Thursday, 17 October, Radio Mirchi's CSR initiative Mirchi Cares in association with the Xavier's Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC) and multi-cuisine restaurant Bombay Blue introduced inclusive, accessible food menus for the visually impaired people of the city. Bombay Blue is a part of Pan India Food Solutions a.k.a. Blue Foods.

To show their support towards the cause Bollywood film actors Neha Dhupia, Aditi Sharma and Divyendu Sharma were present at the launch. The brand new menu features food items and prices in Braille and a large font. In the menu, each item has a corresponding audio sticker with the same information and an additional description that is accessed by an audio labeller pen. The objective behind this initiative was to provide comfort and independence to visually impaired whilst ordering for their food, and also to ensure that they can order from the menu without any assistance.

"We wanted to at least try and make the visually impaired people independent, and one of the ways we thought to that would be through this. We decided to start this about four months ago. Bombay Blue and XRCVC have been very optimistic, welcoming and very receptive of the idea,' said Radio Mirchi Cluster Head Mumbai Preeti Nihalani. She had previously stated that Radio Mirchi aims to provide more such initiatives through the city in the coming months.

Pan India Food Solutions CEO K.S. Narayan previously stated, "On the eve of Bombay Blue's 13th Anniversary, we decided to celebrate this milestone by supporting Radio Mirchi and XRCVC in this novel initiative. We believe that a specialised menu like this would enable visually impaired people from venturing into a restaurant more frequently. Thanks to this initiative, we are making our restaurant friendlier to everyone."

Nihalani continued to say that this initiative will not be a one-off project. Consistent sustainability in addition to the growth of Mirchi Cares would be a major priority. "It is all about providing independence to the challenged people. Therefore, we are looking for more like-minded people who will help us help them," said Nihalani. She further noted that in some countries of the world, it is mandatory to have audio menus, and aspires to have India do something on the same lines.