| 25 Sep 2023
Radio Mirchi Bangalore to introduce new elements on-air

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi Bangalore, keeping up with its plan to bring changes to its quirky style of programming, has appointed P D Sathish Chandra as programming head for the station. One of the latest talked about activities on-air was the interview with Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

The interview with the CM was aired through the day on Radio Mirchi as part of the Republic Day special. The main portion of the interview was broadcast during the morning drive time show 'Hi Bengaluru’. "We wanted to feature our CM, who is silently working for Bangalore and his projects are helping Bangaloreans. Our interview was completely apolitical," said Chandra. The CM went on-air for the first time on a private FM channel with Radio Mirchi. He shared light moments about his life and discussed things regarding city.

Radio Mirchi received responses after the interview was aired, and sent them to the CM. Chandra explained that the feedback was so massive that the station plans to record with him again, if possible.

Chandra who joined Radio Mirchi few months ago, stated, "On radio, especially Radio Mirchi, it is very difficult to do serious programming because of the quirky quality we maintain on the show. We conduct a lot of fun activities on radio." The breakfast show with RJ Smitha has topics which are city-centric, and according to Chandra that is their limit of serious programming.

He was also an RJ at Radio One in Bangalore for a year and later worked as a programme director for Red FM, after which he joined Radio Mirchi. Apart being a radio professional, he is an actor and script-writer. Chandra said, "I do not want to fall into a box. I do lot of theatre as it prevents me from becoming monotonous. It helps me ideate more. I have been with Radio Mirchi for three months but it still feels like my first day."

He also stated that Radio Mirchi might get more politicians who will not preach their propaganda on radio. "If there is a politician who is doing something really amazing, then we will feature him or her on our station, but keeping their political agenda aside. The interview will have nothing to do with their work."

He also hinted that many new things will be happening for Radio Mirchi in terms of programming.