| 16 Apr 2024
Big FM to commence integrated programming with new shows

MUMBAI: For the first time, radio network- Big FM, will integrate content for the television channel Big Magic. With this move, the network will launch a host of new shows that will be simulcast on radio and television. The first show to get integrated content is ‘Fakebook with Kavita’, which features popular television actress Kavita Kaushik. The show is based on the hypocritical and the fake attitude that society has today. ‘Fakebook with Kavita’ will be aired on all Hindi speaking markets of the network from Monday to Thursday at 9pm.

“We see a seamless opportunity of integrating our content without tweaking radio, thus merging shows becomes our focus as of now. All the upcoming non-fiction shows will also be integrated. If you have a 4.2 crore listenership on radio and one crore viewership on television, there will be duplication, but you also have exclusive audience. Another important factor will be increasing listenership and viewership on radio and television, respectively,” said RBNL, national CMO, Manoj Lalwani.

The radio network will also promote its content digitally by cutting out snippets of shows and posting it on social media pages to drive traffic to both mediums. According to Lalwani, content integration will also allow listeners on radio to watch Kavita Kaushik on television. This step will give better visibility to advertisers. However, even with the changes in programming, he denied the possibility of increased ad rates for the radio station.

‘Fakebook with Kavita’ will not be preachy, but intends to point out the hypocritical attitudes of the people. “Hypocrisy is something that is not limited to one strata of society. So many things happen around us that make us laugh and we can relate to it. The whole idea behind the show was to laugh at ourselves,” said Big Magic, creative director, Bimal Unnikrishnan.

The show will not replace any other programme on radio. For the programme, Kaushik will be playing various characters and has even recorded a few things specifically for radio. Each episode that is broadcast on television will run for up to two hours on radio because of inclusion of music.

In addition to getting a great response from advertisers, Big FM has also bagged a few new advertisers.