| 27 Feb 2024
CBC Radio One announced q's Artist-in-Residence for artists

MUMBAI: CBC Radio One announced a new project called Artists-in- Residence campaign for q, which will provide a platform to a group of six shortlisted Canadian artists to showcase their talents. The contest, which started on 27 October 2015, will see artists competing to be in q’s Artist-in-Residence.

In the first round of the competition, artists were given the topic ‘I'm sorry you're offended’, and artists were asked to create music, poetry and other forms of storytelling according to their expertise. The artists’ creations will be shared on the show over the course of three programmes, and audiences can vote for their favourite creations online.

Playwright and theatre director- Amiel Gladstone from Vancouver, Toronto based spoken word poet and rapper- Humble the Poet, Tamara Lindeman- a musician from Toronto, playwright/journalist/author- Drew Hayden Taylor, Winnipeg based poet/author- Katherena Vermette, and theatre artist/actor- Adrienne Wong from Ottawa, are among those participating in the contest.

Of these six artists, three will be eliminated, and the surviving three will be seen competing for q's Artist-in-Residence on 5 November. The winner will be declared on the show that will air on 10 November. The winning artist will create new stories, topics and themes, and create new work that Canadians will be able to listen to on q.