| 24 Apr 2024
Big FM says 'Sutta Chhod De Yaar'

MUMBAI: India's most popular and No. 1 Radio Network, Big FM has always been on the forefront of various ground-breaking initiatives. With 'World No Tobacco Day' around the corner, Big FM is geared up to initiate a distinctive campaign - 'Sutta Chhod De Yaar' in a bid to create awareness about the dangers of smoking and consuming tobacco and celebrate the decisions of those who want to kick the habit.

For the first time in the history of FM radio, Big FM through a radio reality challenge, ‘Sutta Chhod De Yaar’, will shortlist contestants on the basis of their life journey, stories of why they started smoking and why they decided to quit. Three contestants with the most motivational responses across 24 markets (metros and major non-metros) will be selected to take part in one of the most gut-wrenching three day contest from 28th to 30th May. However, just kicking the habit is not enough as Big FM challenges participants by first proving if they can quit for at least 72 hours. Over a span of three days, Big FM will monitor participants 24/7 under the supervision of experts and doctors. Participants will be given various challenges with real-time hourly updates on-air, thus testing their resolve to quit smoking or consuming tobacco.

“Quit karnewala loser nahi winner kehlata hai” is the message that Big FM wants to promote through this radio reality challenge, looking for courageous citizens who are ready to test their willpower to kick the habit in front of the whole city and emerge as an inspiration.

Speaking of the initiative, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited, EVP and business head Ashwin Padmanabhan stated, “I’m delighted to announce the initiation of the World No Tobacco Day campaign by Big FM and glad that we are able to make such a big difference in the lives of people through our expansive reach. I am looking forward to see this campaign build up and more keen than ever to see the results. We urge people from all over India to take a step forward and eliminate these vices from their life. This can be a great start – Sutta Chhod De Yaar.”

As the shortlisted contestants begin their three day journey, RJs will give LIVE hourly updates about the on-going campaign and how the participants are holding up amidst the challenge. Moreover, friends and relatives across the country will also be calling in to the radio network to offer their support to the contestants while celebrities, reformed smokers, renowned doctors will be brought on-air to talk about the ill-effects of smoking and share any experiences they would like to. The contestant who completes the challenge of living a three day life without smoking and consuming tobacco will be the final winner of the challenge.

Promotions for the campaign will be on through airing of screened calls with emotional and intense facts of the participants once every hour across all shows, teaser promos and more.