| 04 Oct 2023
Radio City 'Refreshing Sundays'

MUMBAI: Radio City, nation’s most loved radio station, has upped its fun quotient and revamped the entire Sunday programming. With an array of exciting new shows and segments coupled with melodious music, Radio City has further fortified the Sunday line up. Listeners can now tune in to exciting shows like ‘Bharat ki Amar Kahaaniyan’, ‘Radio City Comedy show’, ‘Radio City Concert’, ‘Radio City par Kissa Crime ka’ and ‘Yeh hai Meri Kahaani’.

With ‘Radio City Comedy Show’, the station adds a wholesome mix of humour and music to the Sunday line up. ‘Radio City Comedy Show’ presents a hilarious look on the practises of people in India through talented stand-up comedians. The listeners can surely look forward to experiencing not just classic comedy but timeless comedy entertaining for all ages by a new comedian every week. Making Sunday a truly relaxing day, Radio City introduces interesting tales through ‘Bharat Ki Amar Kahaniyaan’. Through this unique show Radio City attempts to retell stories from the great Indian epics, mythology, history, folklore, and fables. Actor, Raza Murad will narrate the legends of great historical personalities who have added value to the cultural heritage of India reviving nostalgic memories of the listeners.

What follows next is Radio City’s very own classic autobiographical take with ‘Yeh Hai Meri Kahaani’.  The show will feature listener’s favourite celebrities who will share their stories & anecdotes about the days before they actually became a star. This show not only takes the celeb back to their struggling days and reminds them of their accomplishments but it also gives listeners an insight on how these extraordinary people are no different from them!

Next in line is the ‘Radio City Concert’ where listeners can enjoy the unplugged versions of their favourite covers rendered by a whole lot of talented singers who have successfully released cover versions of many Bollywood hit songs. The 3 hour long show is not only a platform for budding artists but also a musical treat for listeners as they get to hear very interesting yet mellifluous versions of their favourite film songs.

Listeners are often hooked on to the drama and suspense that a crime related story has to offer. ‘Radio City par Kissa Crime Ka’ is a complete fictional audio play which narrates different stories based on commonly occurring crimes across the country. With artists bringing life to the characters with their voice in every story alongside situational background music and sound effects, this show is definitely a teeth-chattering one.

Talking about the new shows, Radio City national programming head Kartik Kalla said, “People these days want to make the most out of their weekends and our Special Weekend Programming will aim to deliver just that! Radio City Weekends will be a spectrum of entertainment comprising of different bands like History, Drama, Thrill, Suspense, Comedy, Fresh Music, Celebrity autobiographies and much more. Radio City has always been the pioneer in innovating programming and with these new shows we plan to push the envelope furthermore, guaranteeing maximum entertainment even on the weekends now.”

With an immensely successful run for the past 14 years, Radio City aims to take the connection forged with their listeners to the next level as it promises to add a fresh new dimension in each of their activities following the ideology of ‘City First Aap First’.